Kyle Gospodarek

Kyle Gospodarek

Kyle Gospodarek

This fall, Purdue University North Central alumnus Kyle Gospodarek, of Hobart, will continue to work toward his lifelong goal of becoming a doctor as he begins classes at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Gospodarek explains that some medical issues he experienced as a child exposed him to doctors, hospitals and the field medicine and piqued an interest. His affinity for science biology and chemistry led him to become a Biology major and Chemistry minor.

And so, he felt that becoming a physician “seemed like a perfect way to combine my interests in the sciences and medicine. “I’ve always enjoyed helping others, being a doctor seemed to be an ideal way of doing that.”

Right now he isn’t sure what field of medicine he’ll enter. “I’m trying to keep an open mind to all areas of medicine,” he explained. “I’ll have much more to go on in my third and fourth years of med school. I’ve found that I’m somewhat attracted to anesthesiology, so if I had to pick one field, I think that would be it.”

He did apply his knowledge of in Chemistry to help other students as a tutor for four years and he worked as a teaching assistant.
He also volunteered at a local not-for-profit organization for three years and served as a board member and treasurer.

As a student, Gospodarek found that his professors and advisors were ready to do all they could to help him prepare for medical school.

“They were more than willing to help me prepare for the med-school admissions process,” he said. “All of the undergrad classes needed for med-school are offered at PNC. If you show your professors that you are serious about pursuing medical school, they will do everything that they possibly can to help you succeed. I need to thank all of the professors and staff members for teaching me so much and helping me to achieve my goals.”

During his time at PNC Gospodarek learned to balance his academics, social life and personal activities. “Appropriating enough time to your studies is definitely important, but you’ll quickly get burned out if that’s the only thing you do every day,” he explained. “The same is true for having a job. Even though a social life is crucial to relaxing from school and work, and thereby staying sane, it’s important not to let it come in the way of your studies or responsibilities. Balance is the key.”

Gospodarek certainly left time for fun at PNC. Some of his favorite experiences include the time his friends brought in cake for my birthday and his winning the pond regatta at the 1st Biology majors fair.

“I think college is an important time during which a person can really decide what to do with their life,” he said. “Not only can you further your scholastic knowledge, but you learn practical skills and lessons to use in the workplace and in life itself.”

Looking ahead, Gospodarek probably will pursue a job in a hospital in Northwest Indiana or Chicago. But he adds, “To be honest, I really don’t know where the future will take me. I found out my first year of college that even the best laid plans don’t always pan out. So for the future, I’m basically going to keep my mind open, consider my options and go from there.”

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