Krista Bailey

Krista Bailey

Krista Bailey

Krista Bailey, of Frankfurt, came to Purdue University North Central to do her prerequisite work needed to enter the Purdue University Doctor of Pharmacy Program on the West Lafayette campus. But she didn’t start out with the idea of attending PNC. In fact, she didn’t know the school existed.

“I decided a little late in the game that I wanted to attend pharmacy school and by the time decided, Purdue’s deadline had passed,” she explained. “I received a letter informing me that I was not accepted in West Lafayette, but there was a North Central campus that I could attend. I’d never heard of PNC, but I was excited that I would still be going to Purdue.”

Bailey came to PNC to enter its Pre-Pharmacy program. She recently completed that program and looks forward to beginning her studies in Doctor of Pharmacy Program in West Lafayette in the fall.

The Purdue Doctor of Pharmacy Program requires six years of study – two years in pre-pharmacy and four years in the professional program. But successful completion of pre-pharmacy studies doesn’t guarantee admittance in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program.

This year there were about 1,400 applicants to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program with just 260 advancing to the interview stage. In the end, only 160 were accepted into the program.

Purdue University seeks students who are involved in campus activities, have maintained a high grade point average, have explored the many career paths that a degree in pharmacy has to offer and knows why they want to be a pharmacist, said Bailey. Founded in 1884, Purdue has consistently been ranked as having one of the top five pharmacy programs in the nation.

It did not take long for Bailey to feel at home at PNC. She became president of the Pre- Pharmacy and Delta Sigma science clubs and treasurer of Rotaract Club, a Rotary Club-sponsored service club for young men and women. She twice traveled with groups of PNC students to Tutwiler, Miss., to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

“If you have ever been homesick for a place other than home, then you know how I feel about our trips to Tutwiler,” she said, “It will always have a special place in my heart.”

While Bailey had never heard of PNC until a few years ago, she doesn’t hesitate to recommend it today. “The atmosphere at PNC is perfect. There is a great balance of professor availability and personal responsibility. A lot of colleges have a sink-or-swim attitude, but at PNC there are plenty of people to help if you need it. The professors are readily available for extra help, the Learning and Writing centers provide many services including free tutors and most importantly, the advisors are there when you need them. PNC also provides many opportunities to get involved on campus which is one aspect that is definitely not utilized enough. There are many opportunities to jump in, get involved and have fun in the process.”

She explains why the profession appeals to her.

“Certain medical problems run in my family and I was trying to understand why certain drugs are prescribed. I researched drugs to find alternatives and why one drug was chosen over another. This fascination led me to an internship my senior year of high school at CVS Pharmacy in Frankfort. I learned in the first week that not only was I surviving in this fast-paced world, I was thriving. Becoming a pharmacist quickly became my goal.”

Now, she is ready to on with her education to become a pharmacist, “I am looking forward to studying with other pharmacy students. It will be nice to have a networking system with students who share the same course load and future goals.”

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