James Joros


James Joros

James Joros

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The Purdue School of Pharmacy is ranked fourth in the nation and has very high admission standards. This four-year program had a record 1,000 applicants from throughout the county, but only 160 qualified for admission. Among them were three PNC student, including James Joros, of Valparaiso.

The incoming class of Purdue pharmacy students has a collective grade-point average of 3.67. Joros has a perfect 4.0. In addition to grades, the program looks at a student’s on- and off-campus activities, their community involvement and work life in an effort to attract bright, well-rounded students.

Joros strives for excellence in the classroom, but works hard to balance his studies with family, work and other activities.

“Sometimes combining everything was difficult. Eating and sleeping came last on my ‘to do’ list,” he jokes. “My family has been very supportive. Everyone at PNC has been supportive. They had faith in me, even when I did not.”

Joros gives back to the University as a volunteer tutor helping students with math, chemistry, biology and physics – some of the most difficult subjects students face.

“I take pride in the many awards I received through the years, but my biggest achievement is being a father to two beautiful children – James and Jessica,” he noted.

Being a pharmacist appeals to him because it will give him an opportunity to be in a field in which he can help other people.

“I will try to positively impact the field to the best of my ability,” he vows.

When he isn’t in the classroom or studying, he enjoys movies, fishing and riding the “rails to trails” bike paths with his children.

What does he enjoy most about PNC? “I love learning, I love tutoring and I love the fact that the professors are so encouraging and supportive.”

What are his words of advice to others contemplating PNC? “Just do it! You won’t regret it. There are wonderful professors that are a wealth of knowledge. Everyone here is extremely supportive.”
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