Holly Trott

The past year has been a momentous one for Holly Trott. Last May she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from Purdue University North Central. She has been working at a job she loves with the LaPorte County Library and she has been honing her acting skills on stage.

As a PNC student Trott made the most of her time on campus. She excelled in the classroom and her grades earned her consistent mention on the semester honors lists. She joined the PNC Players theatre troupe and was part of the cast of the productions of “Julius Caesar,” "Much Ado About Nothing" and “Henry IV, Part 1.” She pursued her interest in the universe around her as a member of the Astronomy Club.

As a student, Trott loved the PNC academic environment. She found her classes fascinating and she appreciated that her professors challenged her intellectually. In each class she learned something new.

“I was lucky to have professors who encouraged me to do more,” said Trott. “They knew that I was a serious student. The campus is small and very friendly. You can make great connections with the people, sometimes that makes all the difference.”

She admits that she puts her PNC education to work every day. Every day on the job is different and she never knows just what questions people will ask or what situations will pop up.

“My English classes prepared me for any questions that patrons might have about materials or research in the library,” she said. “I know how to find information for them quickly and effectively.”

Trott admitted that she was pretty shy when she arrived on campus as a freshman. She soon made new friends who shared her interests. When she got involved with theatre, another world opened up to her.

“My time with the PNC theatre group helped me develop my social and improvisation skills which I not only use in my career, but use in my private life as well,” she explained.

She has stayed close to PNC too.

This past spring she joined the cast of “The Taming of the Shrew.” Being part of a Shakespearian play can be a daunting experience, but Trott admitted that after taking part in a few rehearsals and reciting her lines times, the dialogue comes easily. It doesn’t take long for the cast to get comfortable and settle in, she reassured.

“Traditional theater is one of my favorite hobbies,” she said. “In the future I would like to become involved with other productions and improve my acting skills from there.”

She also plans to earn her Master’s of Library Science degree in the near future.

Trott willingly shares her insights with students who are positioning themselves for their career search, “Before you actually graduate, try to get as close to the position you would like to pursue - whether it be job shadowing, internships or an actual part-time position with the same company. If you know what the work will be like and can make personal connections with those already in the field, you will have an easier time making the transition from student to professional.”

She recommends PNC to students considering earning a degree, stating, “Definitely consider PNC as a top choice. I am very happy with my education.”

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Holly Trott