Greg Mohlke

Greg Mohlke

Greg Mohlke

Greg Mohlke, of Wanatah, is in his first year of classes at Purdue University North Central and has his sights set on becoming an elementary school teacher.

“I chose to become an Elementary Education major because I love school and I love helping people,” he explained.

He admitted that being a teacher would give him the opportunity to coach baseball. He played baseball from kindergarten through his senior year of high school and would love to share the sport with younger players.

Someday, he hopes to become a school principal or superintendent.

For now, he’s busy at Purdue North Central.

As an incoming student, he earned the Chancellor’s Leadership Award, a renewable scholarship granted to students of high academic achievement who have demonstrated leadership through their involvement in school and community activities. He’s also part of the Dean’s Leadership Group on campus.

During his years at South Central High School, Mohlke was a member of National Honor Society, serving as vice president and president. That experience sparked an interest in taking on leadership roles at PNC. That is why he intends to join the PNC student government so that he can be more active on campus.

He was busy in and out of the classroom during his first few months as a PNC student. “My favorite PNC experience so far has to be the Halloween Party,” he said. “Even though it was aimed at smaller children, it was fun to dress up in costumes and meet new people from other groups on campus. A lot of children showed up and we got great participation from PNC students.”

He also took part in the campus “No Shave November” which invited men on campus to forego shaving for the month. He documented his progress daily on his FaceBook page. He laughed when admitting that he may not have grown the largest beard, but he had fun trying.

Away from campus, Mohlke holds two jobs, has a member of the Cass-Clinton Volunteer Fire Department for the past three years and is active in his church.

Having so many responsibilities isn’t all that difficult for him. “I keep everything straight by setting priorities and executing time management skills,” he said, sharing his secret to success. “I treat PNC as a job and it’s my job to maintain a good GPA and to show up for class.

“My advice to people contemplating college is to hit the ground running. College education comes hard and fast, be ready to learn the first second of class on the first day of school.”

To anyone considering PNC he offers, “Take a campus tour with a student. You’ll get little tricks and hints about PNC from someone who knows the campus as a student, who knows exactly what a person going to college needs to know. PNC is a great choice.”


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