F.A.C.E. Committee

FACE Committee

FACE Committee

The Purdue University North Central Fine Arts, Convocation and Events (F.A.C.E.) Committee is charged with what sounds like a straight-forward mission – to plan events for the students and campus community to enjoy.

An enthusiastic group of students joined the F.A.C.E. Committee this year, making it one of the most active groups on campus.

“The F.A.C.E. Committee is definitely all about getting students involved on campus,” said Keri Marrs Barron, PNC director of Student Activities.

The committee members are responsible for the annual campus Panther Pride Week activities to launch the academic year and the spring Spirit Week; they plan a Halloween party for the children of students, faculty and staff; they also plan an annual holiday party that involves renting an off-campus facility, hiring a disk jockey, planning a menu and selling tickets; they coordinate fan buses that travel to selected away basketball and baseball games; they also perform a half-time show at one of the final basketball games; the plan to run the softball concessions; they work with the Office of Student Activities and other clubs on campus for the annual tree decorating contest and tree lighting ceremony and they plan a free monthly event for students throughout the academic year. They recently collected stuffed animals for youngsters at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis and last year sent packages to troops overseas.

“Basically, we want to build school spirit,” said co-president Carl Stambaugh, of Chesterton. “We want students to be involved and take pride in their school.”

“We understand that as a commuter campus, it is more difficult to get students involved, to have them stay after class to attend events. Our challenge is to develop events that interest PNC students,” said co-president Tom Albano, of Chesterton. “We absolutely are open to ideas from students.”

Christina Barden, of Michigan City, admits that she may be a little older than the “traditional” students, but she is happy to bring that perspective to the group.

“We want to ensure that all age groups and interests are represented,” she said. “That is the best way to get everyone involved and create more enthusiasm.”

The current F.A.C.E. Committee members agree that they joined because they wanted to be part of their campus and wanted to help other students share their enthusiasm for PNC.

“I like being involved in activities. It helps to meet other people, to help make positive changes on campus and to help all of us grow as people,” said Nick Mucha, of Valparaiso.

The members admit that it can be discouraging to see only a handful of people at some events. They are determined to change that.

“We want to bring student events to a new level,” said Jacob Havner, of Chesterton.

“We want students to know that if there is a F.A.C.E. Committee event, it will be a quality event,” said Stambaugh. “Our expectations are very high.”

Committee members attended the National Association for Campus Activities conference earlier this year. They came away with ideas for new events on campus and with a variety of contacts throughout the nation.

“We are looking for new ideas for events. We want people to look forward to our events,” said Karissa Inglis, of St. John.

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