DelRea Good

Delrea Good

Delrea Good

DelRea Good was already in the medical field working as a phlebotomist and EMT, when she decided that she wanted to do more in the medical field.

“When I made my choice to pursue an associate degree in nursing I did not consider the difficulty or competitiveness of the program. I want to participate in patient care from beginning to end,” is how she describes it. “The human body is amazing. There is a balance with organs operating alone and as a system. When something goes wrong, especially with cancer, I find myself excited with the prospect of investigating the cause and treatment to bring the patient back to a state of health and well being.”

The mother of two sons, she decided that earning a degree in nursing was what she wanted. She found that attending school, working, raising a family and maintained a home wasn’t easy, but she set her priorities.

“I closely watched my GPA. I worked hard and have never failed a class nor have I had to drop a class and so I have been very successful in this program. Nursing students work hard to prove we are qualified for entrance to the program by maintaining a set GPA and upon entering the program we are faced with an even tougher grading scale. I am a successful nursing student and will be a successful nurse.”

She looks forward to a career in an oncology unit in Northwest Indiana or at St. Jude Hospital in Tennessee.

“I want to be a nurse who will provide a high standard of care for my patients. I will be an advocate for my patients to ensure that they understand treatment options and that their wishes are followed.”

Good sees her success in the classroom carrying over into her professional life, too. She graduated from high school 28 years ago and while returning to school for her degree may have seemed like a daunting task, requiring her to sacrifice time with her family and the opportunity to enjoy vacations and time off, she has never regretted her decision. Her family, including her two sons, was always behind her, she said.

“In life we all make sacrifices to attain goals, I do not regret making the sacrifices I have made. My advice to people contemplating returning to school is to be ready to give it all you have, it is well worth it.”

She is happy with her PNC education. “The professors want to see students succeed and often stay after class to help with study secessions.”

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