Construction Club

Construction Club

Construction Club

“I have learned quite a bit from my experience with the PNC 2 year competition team. First, I have learned the importance of research. Secondly, I learned the importance of time management. Third, I learned the importance of team work. All three of us had to work together to bring this project to completion. It was a lot of hard work and time, but after receiving 3rd place, it was all worth it.”

– Jami Anderson


“The NAHB Construction Management Competition was an awesome experience. It allowed me to get to know my classmates by working as a team on a problem that construction companies experience all the time. By participating in this competition, I’ve learned that teamwork is key succeeding and hard work pays off in the end. I would recommend this competition to any person that is interest in the construction field.

– Tim Mocabee


“I really enjoyed being a part of the NAHB Competition, it was a good experience. Being a marketing major it was fun to work with students from a different major and learning things that I would normally not be interested in. Never did I think I would be associated with the construction club in anyway, but now that I have I’m really looking forward to next year!”

– Brandy Tuttle


“This was the second competition in which I had participated.The project problem was certainly much broader in scope and complexity than previous ones I had seen. Having a much more diverse team than we’ve had in the past, we were able to tap each other’s strengths and bridge our individual weaknesses. We may not have placed in the top 10, but we certainly came away with a greater understanding of what it will take to win next year.”

– Kelly Kaminski


“The Construction Club has been a major influence on me. Through all the long hours spent on this project and weekends that were spent in the school basement, it helped me see what my future career will be like. It showed me the many different types of things that go into a construction project and what it takes to complete these tasks. As for the trip to Las Vegas, that was one of the most exciting places I have ever been and had a great time and learned a lot from the experience. The best part was to hear the judges give their knowledge and experience about the construction field. These things really solidified that construction management is what I really want to do.”

– Brian Winter


“The 2008-2009 NAHB Student Competition was once again a great learning experience. This year we invited the Business department to give us a hand on the marketing aspect of the project. To say the least, it was interesting working as team with students outside of the school of technology. They definitely have a different outlook on things. The entire project was great learning experience.”

– Nicholas Ayres


“The recent NAHB competition in Las Vegas Nevada provided a unique learning experience for the PNC students. Students studying within many different majors and curriculum worked together in what seemed to be endless hours, to help create a winning strategy for the client Centex Homes. As in the ‘real world’ – the NAHB competition provides students the opportunity to work within and among interdisciplinary teams in order to study and ultimately help to resolve real world issues occurring right now! It was a sincere honor to be part of the PNC Four Year Team and to represent such a fine academic institution.”

– Lori Ann Lake


” It was a great experience working on the project to come up with a schedule, estimate, marketing and sales plan. Seeing how the housing market affected the number of people attending the International Builders Show this year versus previous years. What I have taken away from this project is that you have to be flexible to market and demand for you product. I also learned that communication with group members is critical and everyone’s work should be checked by someone other than themselves. I believe this was a good overall experience and will help me in my career as I move forward.”

– Garry M. Campbell Jr.


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