Claire Krueger

Claire Krueger

Claire Krueger

December 2009 Graduate

Purdue University North Central recently celebrated its mid-year commencement and Claire Krueger of Michigan City was among those earning their degrees.

Krueger earned a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and looks forward to a career as an advocate for those who may not have a voice.

“I would really like to help and encourage adolescent girls, in particular, and make as great an impact that a former teacher, Myra Remmel, had on me,” said Krueger during her last few days of classes on campus. “My education has prepared me for a rewarding career that will allow me to have a positive influence in someone’s life, travel to my heart’s content and take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.”

She intends to continue her education to pursue her master’s degree.

As a single mother, attending school and working did not leave her time for too much else. How did she combine working, going to school and raising her sons?

“Prayer, caffeine, and a supportive family,” is how she explained being able to meet the challenges and demands placed on her.

But Krueger encountered a few unforeseen challenges, too.

“I had a few pretty significant health crises to deal with,” she said. “But I am grateful that they caused me to reevaluate my priorities and goals and provided a clarity that I didn’t previously possess.”

Krueger’s grades earned her a spot on the honors lists for eight semesters.

“With each semester that I completed and did well, I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment,” said Krueger as she reflected on her academic achievements. “The most valuable asset to my PNC experience was definitely my advisor, Beth Rudnick.”

Krueger’s positive experience at PNC encourages her to recommend continuing one’s education, “It is so enriching and opens your mind to amazing new ideas and experiences.”

And Krueger is quick to note her positive experience at PNC.

“I definitely would recommend PNC to anyone,” she said. “You are not just a face in the crowd. PNC has a beautiful campus with plenty to enjoy, the classes are small enough that every student can actively participate in discussions and there are many opportunities to attend forums, lectures and presentations on a diversity of subjects to meet everyone’s interests.

“Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities that PNC provides – affordable tuition, low student-instructor ratio, and a wonderful learning environment. PNC offered me the opportunity to become a student at an esteemed university, while providing the least disruption to my family life.”

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