Chuck Meyers

chuck meyers

Chuck Meyers

When Chuck Meyers earned his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Purdue University North Central in December, he was following a career plan than that he carefully laid out years before.

Meyers earned his Associate degree in Nursing at PNC in 2012. “I knew I was going to go right back to school,” he explained. “I started out with my associate degree so I could begin working as a nurse. I would like to go to graduate school to become a nurse practitioner.”

He then took a job with in the ICU of Community Hospital in Munster. “When I started nursing school I knew I wanted to be in critical care,” he continued. “During my clinicals I found that I really liked ICU. My experience as a Nurse Fellow in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit during my last year in nursing school confirmed I wanted to start in ICU. Most of my mentors urged me to start as a new nurse in a lower level of care than ICU, but I knew ICU was what I wanted and I knew I could do it.”

After spending more than a year there, Meyers recently accepted a travel RN assignment at the University of Chicago Medical Center Cardiac Care unit.

Meyers was drawn to the nursing profession because “I enjoy working with people and helping get back to their daily lives. Helping and working with people is my calling. Educating patients and their families about their illnesses and teaching them how to change for the better is something I enjoy as well.”

Originally from Whiting, Meyers decided to attend PNC to play collegiate baseball, pitching for three years while pursuing his associate degree. He admits that some of his favorite PNC experiences involve baseball.

“I loved taking our spring break trip to Florida to play ball. I really liked our baseball trip to Kentucky my sophomore year when we were in the mountains.”

But equally important to him was doing well in the classroom. “I quickly learned to manage my time,” said Meyers. “At one point I was working three jobs, going to school and playing baseball. I was forced to manage my time and learned that a daily planner was a necessity. I now have time management down to science. Working 12-hour shifts allows for more off days which has helped open my schedule a little more.”

When Meyers returned to PNC for his bachelor’s degree, he took on the job of resident life coordinator at University Park Apartments, located directly across from the Purdue North Central campus. A number of students live in the complex and Meyers was responsible for supervising the apartment complex’s community advisors and coordinating activities for students that range from bowling leagues, holiday dinners, basketball tournaments and outings to PNC basketball games.

His precious free time is spent with his girlfriend, who is also an RN, playing guitar in the band“ Asystole,” playing pickup basketball and attending church on Sunday.

Being involved, making friends and enjoying life, were key parts of his college experience, “I would advise anyone to get involved in whatever way you can on campus. It makes your experience at school that much better.”

But he realizes that he had help along the way too. “I couldn’t have done all of this without my parents, family and friends who were at my side all the way through graduation.”

He is quick to credit the PNC faculty members who impacted him as a student – Bruce Garwood, visiting assistant professor of Nursing, who piqued his interest in becoming and an ICU nurse; Karen Klosinski assistant professor of Nursing; Bob Hnida assistant professor of Nursing and Jean Hayes, associate professor of Nursing.

“I believe that PNC has one of the best nursing programs in the area. The faculty members are very knowledgeable. They have high expectations for each student.”

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