Christina Miller & Sarah Miller Immordino

Christina Miller & Sarah Miller Immordino

Christina Miller & Sarah Miller Immordino

When Sarah (Miller) Immordino, of Valparaiso, began her studies at Purdue University North Central, she had no idea that she would share her graduation day with her mother, Christina M. Miller, also of Valparaiso.

But it turned out to be an unexpected twist of fate that both women enjoyed and were happy to be a part of. Immordino earned her degree in Behavioral Science with a concentration in Psychology, Miller earned an MBA.

Immordino was already enrolled when Miller decided the time was right to earn an MBA so that she could apply her knowledge to the family business. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary education at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, before staying home to raise her family. When Miller’s husband started a business, she helped.

“I discovered I really enjoyed it,” she recalled. “I decided that once it would fit in our family’s busy lives, I would go back to school and get a degree in business.”

As it happened, Immordino was already on her way to earning her degree.

“When we started, we had no idea that we would be graduating at the same time,” Miller continued. “I originally thought Sarah would graduate before me. Sarah started college right out of high school, and I started when it was convenient for the family.”

Because Miller’s MBA classes met on Saturdays at PNC – Porter County and Immordino’s classes were at the Westville campus, they didn’t see one another as they went to class.

But they did encourage one another, discuss assignments, classes and homework. And they shared the unique bond of knowing what the other was going through at the time.

Immordino found great success in the classroom. She explained that she loved the study of psychology. She consistently earned academic honors and was inducted in Psi Chi, the International Honor Society for Psychology.

Miller was inducted into the International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration, Sigma Beta Delta.

She was also part of an MBA student group that took part in an eight-day “International Consultancy Project” in Birmingham, England.

She also participated in the MBA Leadership Council.

“It allowed me to become involved in the development of the MBA program,” said Miller. “I found it was very beneficial. I met some amazing people in the MBA program. I’ve made friends for life,” said Miller.

Immordino, who married in July 2010, would like to eventually attend graduate school to study International Organization Psychology.

Her mother plans to apply her knowledge and experience to the family’s business, but doesn’t rule out continuing her education and earning a Ph.D.

“I figure the sky is the limit,” she said.

Both women said they would not hesitate to recommend PNC to anyone considering earning a degree.

“PNC gives you a quality education and it is affordable. The flexible schedules allow you to keep up your regular life and work schedules. PNC has caring professors that inspire the ones they teach. Through PNC, we received a valuable degree that will enable us to go out and be successful in the real world,” said Immordino.

“The professors of the MBA program truly want each and every student to succeed,” added Miller. “PNC has that personal tough. It was wonderful. We would like to see our son go to Purdue. We would love to see the whole family be Purdue grads.”


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