Caroline Listman

2008 Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor

The past few years in the classroom

Caroline Listman

Caroline Listman

have been exciting and challenging for her Caroline Listman.

She found she had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. The Biology program particularly suited her interests.

“I’ve always loved science and started off thinking that I would do something with ecology or in veterinary medicine. As I was exposed to the many different areas of our degree, I began to realize that molecular biology was the field that interested me most. I would like to start off doing lab work or pharmaceutical sales, but lately have been toying with the idea of getting my PhD and teaching.”

She decided to attend PNC because it was close to home and its flexible class schedule allowed her to arrange her classes so she could continue working.

“It allowed me to obtain my Purdue degree without going to the main campus,” she added.

“I worked full time and then part time for the first three-and-a-half years while attending school full time. At times it was difficult to balance everything but it kept me focused because I didn’t have time to slack off. By keeping my grades up and saving money I was able to use my school grants to pay for my last year of school. My family has shown constant support and had faith in me even when I did not. My immediate family, my aunt and my boyfriend have always been there to encourage and support me.”
She always put her best effort into her classes.

“You just have to be realistic about the standards you set; if you set a high standard for your work, you will get higher grades,” she said.

“Going back to school and getting my degree is the achievement that I am most proud of,” she continued. “I dropped out of high school as a junior and never thought that I would achieve much. After working at dead-end jobs, I decided to get my GED and attend college. I found my niche in college and became more self assured and realized my potential. My first semester at PNC I earned a 4.0. I continued to receive high marks and made semester honors nearly every semester.”

She admits that her biggest obstacle was “herself.”

“I started off thinking there was no way I could go to college and succeed. I second guessed myself before realizing that I was capable of succeeding and excelling in the challenging biology program.

One of her favorite PNC experiences was being a teacher’s aid for the Natural History of the Smoky Mountains trip and for the cellular biology lab. She will always carry fond memories of her friends in the biology program.

She was historian for the Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society. Off campus she is a member of the Hoosier River Watch program.

“PNC is unique in how familiar you can become with the faculty. The small size of the school really allows you to get to know your classmates and professors. I would advise people to go and check out the campus and talk to the professors, most will give you honest input and help you decide if the college is right for you.”
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