Bryan Tomky

Bryan Tomky

Bryan Tomky

As a recent PNC MBA Graduate, I can only say great things about the program, professors and other students. Since the PNC program is new, I had the advantage of taking the most important courses for business today. I found a combination of the key business essentials including formulas, analysis, functions and business history.

The PNC difference was how the professors took these essentials and brought in many real world experiences through discussions and projects. The final class was great, it combined all the courses into a well-planned discussion on how each independent discipline is needed to make business run efficiently and effectively today. The mixture of students in class opened up discussions with great real work experiences.

The core classes were exactly what I expected out of an MBA program. Perhaps some of the most exciting part of the program were the electives. I took an International Business and an Economic Development class. Each of these allowed me to develop an interest I had into the two most rewarding courses out of the program.

I cannot say enough about the professors. They developed a fantastic program. This was done by the course design, but even more by their personalities and accessibility.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Northwest in Business Administration, with a minor in Economics.

I made a promise to myself to finish my MBA within 10 years of completing my undergraduate degree. The PNC program allowed me to accomplish this goal. I came to PNC because it offered three key things I was looking for: the Purdue name; Saturday Classes that fit my work schedule and affordable tuition.

My advice to anyone thinking about getting an MBA is to look within yourself and make sure you can make the commitment yourself, your family and your friends to the program. The people who do this before they sign up for the class are the ones who I believe got the most out of the program and are the most likely to succeed in their careers.

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