Brett Parks

La Porte

Brett Parks

Brett Parks

2008 graduate with a degree in
Elementary Education

Brett Parks clearly remembers why he decided to become a teacher.

“Growing up in La Porte, I attended Handley Elementary School on Tenth Street. I can still remember my first days of school. I was nervous, scared and unfamiliar with what happens in a school. From day one, I had educators who supported, respected and comforted me in any situation. I had teachers who brought the curriculum to life through their instruction. They put me at ease with their kind-hearted personalities. I always appreciated and admired their teaching style; I plan to show the same care to my students that my teachers showed me. Inspiring a young life will ensure that the world will be an even better place in the future.”

Parks was motivated to succeed. He maintained a near-perfect grade-point-average and became involved in a myriad of campus activities.

“I did not think in my wildest dreams of maintaining an almost a 4.0 GPA. It was possible because of the thought process I developed to not focus on the grade-point- average but to focus on the knowledge. I felt that if I worked hard in every academic area that the bonuses would come. Getting the grade doesn’t mean much unless a person is able to use and apply their knowledge and put hard work into whatever s/he does in life; having lots of knowledge and not knowing how to channel it can be very cumbersome.

“I have a passion for life and have been told by one of my professors that I am ‘organized, articulate, observant, reflective, able to collaborate, and possess a tireless drive to learn all I can about the field of education’ This is part of my success.”

Today he looks forward to starting his teaching career.

As a student Parks, took advantage of the PNC educational and social opportunities. His activities include:

Earning Chancellor’s List and Semester Honors every semester for four years (2004-2008)
Being a member of Kappa Delta Pi when it was named Club of the Year 2006-2007 and earning the Outstanding Leadership Award as Kappa Delta Pi president 2006-2007
Being accepted into the Chancellor’s Leadership Group 2006-2007
Being a Student Government Association representative 2005-2006
Membership in the Dean’s Leadership Group (2006-2007)
Being part of the Candidate’s Council for the Elementary Education Department (2005-2008)
Helping student organizations raise money for hurricane victims and collecting clothing for deserving children.
Off-campus, he busied himself as a music worship leader in La Porte, completing three triathlons and finishing second in his age group in one of them, taking part in fundraisers to help those who are ill, volunteering for Helping One Student to Succeed (HOSTS) and playing guitar and sang at events throughout the community.

He still found time to be part of campus dances, attend conferences, stay up endless hours working on projects, meet countless friends and date his “wonderful and amazing girlfriend.”

How did he cope all this? “I tried to time manage as much as possible. Keeping up with my activities was difficult, but I kept my head up and always looked and pushed forward.”

He thanks his parents for their constant support. “Without them, studies would have been difficult trying to work full time and go to school.”

He also thanks his many professors with creating a challenging and supportive learning environment, sparking his imagination and motivating him to push himself to grow personally and professionally.

Without hesitation, Parks says he would recommend PNC. “The hard working, passionate and supportive faculty and staff offer their time and are very student friendly. There are millions of opportunities to take on leadership roles on campus and within the community. PNC opens many doors for its students. I chose PNC because of its welcoming and friendly environment, small class size, affordability, and highly distinguished Elementary Education Program.”

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