Bipin Balar

Bipin Balar

Bipin Balar

MBA; Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology

After Bipin Balar, of Valparaiso, earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue University North Central in 2007, he got a job in the engineering field to put his degree to work.

But as he assessed what the career may hold for him, he realized that earning an MBA would help him solidify his future. So he returned to the Purdue North Central MBA program and was granted his Purdue University MBA in December.

“I want to shift to a management position in the engineering area. I hope my MBA will help me get a major break in my career path,” he explained.

The PNC MBA program meets at PNC – Porter County in Valparaiso, and with classes meeting once a week on Saturdays, it was a perfect fit for his professional and personal life.

“When I entered the program I wanted to acquire the management tools and theories so that I could become an effective manager. I wanted to have a broad exposure to the business world in terms of job functions and industries. The MBA will give me the ability to develop my career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace,” said Balar.

Balar said that he enjoyed the wide range of subjects covered in his classes – finance, marketing, operations, quantitative analysis and organizational behavior. He does admit that he would have liked to see more elective classes in the quantitative analysis area.

He also found that the varying class formats suited his learning style, too. “The case method requires class discussion and group work in problem solving while the quantitative method emphasizes using a pattern of quantitative analysis to solve a business problem. Both methods are very effective and helpful in understanding and solving real-world problems. You need all of those skills on the job.”

He also found that his learning was enhanced by some intangibles he encountered, “The PNC MBA programs attract people from very diverse industries and cultures and you can leverage these differences and translate them into learning opportunities.”

Balar found that his education gave him some concrete knowledge and abilities that he can apply on the job and in life. “I have the ability to overcome difficulties and to solve problems and to be independent and to manage my time and work. I became capable of original and creative thought and am now able argue my case with logic and not be easily dissuaded by the views of others. These skills will help me to achieve my goals.”

And now, after earning his degree, Balar is ready to move forward. He is in a career that he loves and wants to make the most of every opportunity that may come along.

“I’m happy that I earned my MBA,” he said. “It was a good decision. I am ready to take on any challenges that come to me.”

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