Arielle Torres

Arielle Torres

Arielle Torres

Purdue University North Central alumna Arielle V. Torres has her career goal set – she intends to become a child and adolescent counselor.

“My greatest joy in life is helping others, especially youth,” she explained, adding that she hopes to specialize in crisis intervention.

To help her accomplish that, she will be applying to attend graduate school this fall.

“I am excited and hopeful about my future and I am determined to find a job that I love,” said Torres.“I want to be the girl that wants to go to work and truly enjoy what I do. Working with children is a passion of mine. My goal is to become a counselor and help troubled youth.”

Torres did as much as she could to prepare for her degree while she was a PNC student. She served an internship through Dunebrook, a child advocacy center in Michigan City and Safe Harbor, which provides before and after school programming for Michigan City schools students. She also volunteered and attended training opportunities and workshops as much as possible to learn more about mental health, first Aid, group dynamics and after school programs.

As a student, Torres pursued a secondary concentration in Communication, in addition to her primary concentration in Behavioral Science. Therefore, she said she “loved participating in Oral Interpretation presentations with Dr. Dan Padberg (associate professor of Communication).”

She also enjoyed the many activities offered by the PNC American Sign Language Club.

“At PNC there are endless opportunities and I truly enjoyed being a student,” said Torres. “I had one-on-one time with professors and I received a great education without having a huge debt. My experiences have all been great whether it was with faculty or the amazing people I met on campus.”

Torres admits that she had some challenging times, just like any other student encounters, but she never slowed down or felt sorry for herself.

“It is hard to balance life with school but it’s all about patience and determination,” she explained. “I learned what worked for me. I found if I worked hard, I could play later.”

Her advice to others is simple. “Going to college can be tough but who said it was going to be easy? The payout in the end is worth it. Working for a degree has been a great pride of mine. The reward of graduating is priceless.”

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