Amy Kanyer

Amy Kanyer

Amy Kanyer

As a Purdue University North Central student, Amy Kanyer did everything she could do to prepare herself for success.

She excelled in the classroom, she was president of the campus chapter of Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society; she served two internships; she coordinated a campus-wide Meet and Greet networking event for Communication majors; she was a leader for Campus Life at Chesterton High School; she volunteered at Joy Elementary School in Michigan City and worked part time.

As a Communication major, Kanyer knew that she had a versatile degree that would allow her to apply her knowledge, creativity and her passion to a career field that she loves.

This May 2012 graduate works for Peepers Reading Glasses, a company located in Michigan City that markets worldwide. She works in inside sales, marketing design and social media management. Her job puts her in contact with wholesale and web clients; she assists with weekly newsletters, designs marketing materials and she photographed products for the spring catalog. She’s helped to grow Peepers’ social media site through product updates and photos.

Kanyer has reached out to non-profit organization to orchestrate donations and promotions of Peepers Reading Glasses products locally and across the country.

And she works part time as a photography assistant for Holly Russell at Lady and the Lens Photography.

As a student, Kanyer realized that her success as a student was the foundation for her future career success.

“You can just sail through college or you can ask questions and seek opportunities that challenge you,” said Kanyer. “College is what you make of it. If you sit back and wait for opportunities to fall in your lap, you may get lucky, but chances are you will end up empty-handed.”

As a PNC student, Kanyer landed a coveted internship with Walt Disney World, considered by many to be a premier student internship opportunity.

“I would not have been able to take advantage of my Disney Internship if I had not sought out information and made calls and emails. Look at every experience as a chance to learn and network. I found out about the job at Peepers Reading Glasses through personal contacts. You can look great on paper, but your people skills and reputation speak volumes. Be aware of your actions. You never know who will be your contact for an internship or job opportunity.”

As a student, Kanyer found the Communication Department faculty to be encouraging and motivating, “They all brought knowledge about different areas of the field that challenged me to explore and channel my interest in communication. Dr. Daniel Padberg (associate professor of Communication) and Dr. Daniel Wilbur (associate professor of Communication) were mentors who saw my potential, praised my talents and encouraged me.”

Now that she has graduated and started her career, Kanyer is in an ideal position to share her insights with current students.

“Have ambition. College isn’t just about going to class, writing papers and homework,” she explains. “Start networking early with professionals and explore what you want as a career. Have confidence in yourself and you will succeed. When you have passion for what you’re doing, it makes all the difference.”
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