Justin Poling

Name: Justin Poling

Major: Electrical Engineering (EE) 

Student Class: Senior

Why did you choose PNC? My biggest reason for choosing PNC was the small class sizes. You get more one-on-one time with your professors and because of that, I think you learn more. 

What do you think is the significance of tutoring on this campus? Tutoring has helped many people on campus pass their classes. It allows them to get extra help in classes that are either crucial for their degree or classes that they may struggle in. It give the students more reinforcement and allows them to be exposed to and guided through the material more. 

If you could give advice to the freshman in your program, what would you tell them?  Become good friends with a few of your classmates. It helps the learning process and allows you to play to each others' strengths and weaknesses. 

Most memorable class: In all honesty, I cannot pick a favorite class. The reason is simple. The campus is full of so many wonderful professors. In all my classes from math, physics, and statistics to engineering and even a lot of the humanities classes, I have had professors that have made me enjoy the class even if I didn't enjoy the material. They are more than willing to help and are truly nice people. 

Favorite Experience on Campus: My favorite experience on campus is hanging out with my friends as well as my fellow tutors in the SSC. Most of my free time is spent on homework and being able to relax and have fun in very important during the school year. And sleep. Sleep ranks very high up there too.