Where is the Student Success Center located?

The Student Success Center is located in Room 202 of the LSF Building .

Is the Student Success Center for students that are on academic probation or having academic difficulty?

Whether you are a first-year student or graduating senior, whether you are struggling with classes or on the Dean's List, we have something for you. The Student Success Center offers services and programs for all PNC students such as Study Skill and Time Management workshops, Study Groups, Outreach programs, Printable Handouts, Individual or Group Tutoring, Early Alert Program, and Assessment Testing.

Is there a fee for any of the Tutoring or services provided at the Student Success Center?

All the tutoring, programs, and services are free to PNC students!

Do I need to schedule an appointment with a tutor?

No. Tutoring is available as a walk-in service.  Check the tutoring schedule in the links menu located on the right-hand side of this page.  Find the subject (Math, Biology, Accounting, etc.) for which you need help.  Then check to see what days/times a tutor is available. Stop by LSF 202 during the day/time a tutor in your subject is available. On your first visit each semester, you will fill out a registration form and sign in with your tutor. Any tutor sessions after that, you will only need to sign in with your tutor. If you see a Math tutor and then work with a Chemistry tutor, you will need to sign in with both tutors. It is as easy as that. Check the schedule, come to LSF 202, sign in and step further on the path toward academic success.

Are study skills and time management workshops only available to groups or classes?

Student Success Center workshops are offered campus wide to both groups and classes, or on an individual basis. To sign up for a particular workshop, call or email the Student Success Center.

Can I check out books or videos at the Student Success Center?

No, but students can watch academic videos on one of our television monitors. Students can also use one of the many textbooks to enhance academic excellence within the center.

What is the Assessment Test?

The PNC Assessment Test has two components: a Math section and an English section. Students take these 45 minute tests to establish the best possible placement for them as incoming students. These tests gauge a student’s abilities, placing them in a course that is challenging, but not over their head.  Some students may also be required to take the Chemistry Diagnostic because of their plan of study or major. This 45 minute test serves the same function as the exams above, placing students in the appropriate Chemistry course for their skill level.