Dr. Roy Fowles

Roy Fowles

Roy Fowles
Associate Professor of Social Work
Bachelor of Social Work Program Director

Library-Student-Faculty Building
Room 21
Ext. 5743

Spring 2016 Office Hours
By Appointment

B.S., University of Oregon, 1968
M.S.W., University of Denver, 1970
Ph.D., University of Denver, 1978

Courses Taught Recently
Helping Communications in Social Work (SWRK 24000)
Introduction to Social Work (SWRK 26100)
Social Work Research (SWRK 30100)
Junior Practicum (SWRK 35100)
Institutional Social Welfare (SWRK 36100)
Social Work Practice with the Elderly (SWRK 37300)
Field Practicum in Social Work (SWRK 46100)

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