Education Scholarships

Kasper Memorial Fund

The Kasper Memorial Fund was established in 1993. The criteria established for the person receiving a scholarship from this fund includes:

  1. Be an undergraduate Education Student
  2. Student teach during the following academic year
  3. Have applied for financial aid
  4. Be of high academic standing

Meredith E. Tom and Helen R. Tom Scholarship

This fund was established in March 2004 with a gift from Helen R. Tom. Recipients must be juniors or seniors participating in their student practicum in the year for which the scholarship is awarded.

David Feikes and Keith Schwingendorf CMET Scholarship Connecting Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

An annual scholarship (non-renewable) for a full-time sophomore student enrolled a Department of Education program who will be enrolled in Math 137, 138, or 139, using the text Connecting Mathematics for Elementary Teachers. Need and merit based.