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Important Dates:

Fall 2014

August 18 Faculty Report Back
August 25 First Day of Class
August 25-29 Late Registration*
September 1 Labor Day Holiday
September 5 Last day to drop a course without the course being recorded
on the student’s Official Transcript
September 19 Last day to drop a course with automatic grade of ‘W’
(unless student is classified as a freshman), Last day to
change a course to pass/no pass option
October 13 & 14 Fall Break
November 21 Last Day to Drop a Class
November 26-28 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 12 Last Day of Class
December 15-19 Final Exam Week

Spring 2015

January 5, 2015 Faculty Report Back
January 12 First Day of Class
January 19 Martin Luther King Day
January 19-23 Late Registration*
January 30 Last day to drop a course without the course being recorded
on the student’s Official Transcript
February 13 Last day to drop a course with automatic grade of ‘W’
(unless student is classified as a freshman), Last day to
change a course to pass/no pass option
March 8-14 Spring Break
April 10 Last Day to Drop a Class
May 1 Last Day of Class
May 4-8 Final Exam Week
May 18 Commencement Ceremony

*Late registration fee of  $25 per course (up to $100) applies.

Registration & Enrollment Options:

Dropping a Class

Notifications of withdrawal or cancellation and requests for refund must be in writing and addressed to the Registrar. Not attending a class does not constitute a formal withdrawal from a course. You must complete a drop card in the Registrar’s Office (SWRZ Hall) to formally withdraw from a course. Otherwise you may receive a failing grade in the course for non-attendance. All courses added will be assessed full fees regardless of when the course is added.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may register any time during the registration periods. It is important to ensure that all course work will be accepted in the plan of study. Graduate courses taken prior to being admitted as a graduate student may or may not be approved by your graduate committee as a part of your degree requirements. Temporary Graduate Students – No more than nine hours of credit earned under this classification may be used in a plan of study without special approval.

Transfer Students

If you currently attend any Purdue University campus, you may transfer to Purdue University North Central by completing a PNC application. If you currently attend another college or university, you must complete a PNC application and supply an official transcript of course work completed at other universities.

Non-Degree Students

Transcripts of high school and college work (and a copy of GED test scores, if applicable) are requested prior to registering as a non-degree student. Non-degree students must meet the same minimum grade index required of regular students and are generally limited to enrolling in a maximum of seven hours per semester during the fall and spring semesters, and no more than four hours during the summer session. A non-degree student who has earned a bachelor’s degree is eligible to enroll on a full-time basis.No more than 18 hours of work completed as a non-degree student may be applied toward an undergraduate degree at Purdue University. The chairperson of the department to which you apply may determine which credits will be accepted toward a degree in that department. A department may limit the number of non-degree students acceptable in any course.

MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card may be used for payment of fees. Credit card payment will be accepted only from the person whose authorized signature appears on the back of the card. Students are not permitted to attend classes until registration is completed and fees are paid.

Pass/No Pass Option

If you wish to take courses under the Pass/Not Pass Option, be sure to enter the course(s) in both the course selection columns and the Pass/Not Pass Option section.

Auditing Visitor

As an auditing visitor you may attend a course, paying regular course fees, but will not receive credit. However, under certain circumstances, you may apply for examination for credit at a later time. If you are ineligible for readmission because you were dropped from the University for scholastic and/or other reasons, you may not be a visitor. For details on obtaining the necessary approvals to audit a course, contact the Registrar, ext. 5299.

Online Courses

Students registering for an online course at PNC should access their online class via Blackboard on the first day of the semester to determine professor contact information and obtain all course information and requirements.


For information, contact the Registrar’s Office (219) 785-5341.

Registrar’s Office
Schwarz Hall Room 40
1401 S US Hwy 421
Westville, IN. 46391
(219) 785-5341