Download Our Application

To be considered for admission into the TRIO Student Support Services program, you must:

  1. Complete all items on the Application Form.
  1. Provide documented evidence of income information. For Dependent students, please share a copy of your guardians’ or parents’ most current Federal Income Tax Return (i.e. 1040, 1040A, etc). For Independent students, please share your most current Federal Income Tax Return. If your guardians, parents, or self were not required to file federal taxes, an alternate form must be completed at the point of submitting an application.

Once the information is received by Student Support Services, you will be contacted to set up an Application Interview with the Director. This meeting will be used to determine your fit and eligibility for the program. Admission to the program is competitive. A student’s determination, focus, and academic need are key factors in determining fit, and ultimately admission, to the program.

Feel free to drop off your application in person to our office in Schwarz Hall 38.