Core Transfer Library

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education established the Core Transfer Library (CTL) to assist Indiana students who are contemplating transferring from one Indiana public institution to another. It is a list of general education courses and their equivalents at each institution.

View the current list of approved courses at the TransferIN website

New courses will be added to the list as they are approved. Indiana institutions may identify these courses individually by placing the following designation by the course title: TransferIN. The transferability of these courses is based on the assumption that any and all other transfer requirements are met, i.e., specific grade must be earned, etc.

Students who plan to transfer credit should always work with academic advisors at both institutions to determine the applicability of credit to a specific degree program.

Indiana’s Common Course Numbering to the CTL

core transfer library

Purdue North Central’s Crosswalk Table to Indiana’s Common Course Numbering System for the Core Transfer Library