1. Certain forms of hazing are criminal offenses in Indiana. All forms of hazing are prohibited by Purdue University both on and off campus.

2. Hazing means forcing or requiring another person, regardless of that person’s consent, to perform an act that:

  • a. creates a substantial risk of physical harm;
  • b. substantially or seriously demeans or degrades any person; or
  • c. interferes with any person’s scholastic activities.

3. Any hazing allegation against a student organization will be investigated by the University. If found guilty in a disciplinary action, the student organization may incur a disciplinary penalty as specified in Section IX. University action occurs whether or not civil or criminal actions take place.

4. In addition to action taken against a student organization, the University may take action against individual students for hazing when the conduct falls within Part 5, Section III.B. 2 (of Purdue University Regulations).

5. Any person suffering or witnessing a hazing activity is strongly encouraged to report the incident to the staff of the Office of the Dean of Students.

6. The president of each student organization is responsible for informing pledges, affiliates, initiated members, and guests of this policy.