Campus Regulations


Wheelchair-accessible public courtesy phones are located in the main lobbies of all three buildings. Calls to Westville, LaPorte, Michigan City, Valparaiso and “800” numbers can be dialed on these phones. Campus police can be reached by dialing 5220 or 911. Telephones in administrative offices are not for use by students for placing or receiving calls. Students will not be called to the phone except in cases of extreme emergencies. The Campus Police Office, (PF/CP Building) has a telephone students may use for emergencies only.  Calls to other Purdue campuses concerning academic business may be placed for students in the Registrar’s Office (SWRZ 40).


Canvassing, peddling, and soliciting any product or service on campus is prohibited. Individuals not representing student organizations who seek exemptions to this regulation are considered representatives of outside agencies and must follow the procedures established for granting outside agencies exemptions. This exemption may be requested by contacting the Vice Chancellor for Administration.


Specific locations in each building have been provided for displaying posters and signs. Please contact the Dean of Students Office for a list of these locations. Please do not tape signs, posters or other items to any wood or painted surface. Items posted in unapproved areas will be removed. The small bulletin boards outside each classroom may be used only by faculty and the registrar for the purpose of posting grades or
class cancellation and relocation notices.
Sign holders may be requested by approved student organizations by calling the Physical Plant Department at ext. 5347.


Skateboarding and rollerblading are strictly prohibited on campus property, including sidewalks, parking lots and athletic courts.


The possession, use or distribution of any explosives, guns, or other deadly or dangerous materials or weapons, is prohibited on campus property.