Program Philosophy

The Nursing Faculty articulates a philosophy for the Nursing Program congruent with the mission statement of Purdue University North Central that defines their beliefs regarding the concepts of person, environment, health, nursing, and the teaching-learning process:

  • Person, which includes individuals, families, and communities, is a uniquely holistic body-mind-spirit. Each person chooses and participates in health decisions.
  • Environment is an ever changing unity of systems and processes in which a person lives.
  • Health is the harmony of the body-mind-spirit. It is the living of optimal well being and quality of life in a global environment.
  • Nursing, as a discipline, is the holistic study of person, health, and environment. The nursing profession utilizes a unique body of knowledge to care for the person.
  • The graduate provides person centered safe, quality care that is guided by theory, research, ethical, legal, and professional nursing standards. Graduates function autonomously and collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams.

Unique nursing knowledge, attitudes, and skills, enhanced by biological, physical and social sciences, humanities, and information technology, form the foundation of nursing practice. The teaching–learning process is a mutual effort of faculty and students that fosters nursing judgment and professional identity. Teaching–learning is a process that proceeds from simple to complex. Accountability of the educational process is demonstrated by evaluation of student learning outcomes.

The Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Program prepares graduates, based on competencies from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses for entry level practice, leadership roles, and graduate study. The graduate is prepared to utilize theory, research, and evidence-based knowledge in the provision of safe, quality care to individuals, families, and communities in a global environment.