Program Mission

The Purdue University North Central Department of Nursing program provides educational opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional students leading to the granting of the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing.

The Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Program prepares graduates, based on competencies from the National League for Nursing and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses for entry level practice, leadership roles, and graduate study. The graduate is prepared to utilize theory, research, and evidence-based knowledge in the provision of safe, quality care to individuals, families, and communities in a global environment.

The nursing faculty is committed to:

  1. Nursing as a discipline and profession.
  2. Providing, assessing, and enhancing the elements of learning, discovery, and engagement through personal and professional growth and lifelong learning.
  3. Educational programs that prepare university educated nurses who have acquired the essential elements of general education as defined by Purdue University, and the essential nursing knowledge and professional education necessary for excellence in the practice of nursing.

Traditional and emerging nursing paradigms will provide inclusive, active, and creative teaching-learning processes; holistic, evidence-based nursing care of clients across the life span in a variety of settings; and insure leaders of change toward health and quality of life for diverse individuals, families, and communities.