PNC Professor Earns Great Lakes Maritime Grant

Thomas BradyDr. Thomas F. Brady, Chair of the Purdue University North Central Department of Engineering Technology and professor of Industrial Engineering, has earned a grant from the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute to study the feasibility of using a ferry to transport tractor-trailers across Lake Michigan.

Brady explained that using ferries to move trucks between Michigan and Wisconsin will greatly alleviate traffic congestion on the highways on the Chicagoland highway corridor. He noted that ferries are successfully being used on Lake Erie.

The Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute (GLMRI) was established in 2004 to pursue research efforts in marine transportation, logistics, economics, engineering, environmental planning, and port management. It represents a consortium of the University of Wisconsin-Superior Transportation and Logistics Research Center and the University of Minnesota Duluth Swenson College of Science and Engineering and Labovitz School of Business and Economics.

During the one-year grant study period, Brady anticipates he will make use of PNC students and perhaps outside assistance to help support his work.

Purdue North Central New Student Orientation Is Aug. 19, 2006

Purdue North Central New Student Orientation Is Aug. 19, 2006

WESTVILLE – “The Tradition Begins With U” is the theme for the Purdue University North Central Student Orientation, set for Saturday, Aug. 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at the PNC campus.

The orientation session will give new students an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the PNC campus and college life. This event is intended for all students who will begin classes at the campus this fall, along with their families and friends. 

“New student orientation is designed to be a fun way for students to familiarize themselves with their new campus and the many educational opportunities and extra-curricular activities that Purdue North Central has to offer,” said Gary Demski, Director of Student Activities and orientation chairperson. 

This year’s orientation will differ from those in the past. A convocation ceremony has been added to the agenda, along with a “Making College Count” presentation. Incoming students and family members will have an opportunity to visit information tents for academic sections and student organizations. Faculty members, as well as student organization representatives, will be available to talk with students and their families. Students are encouraged to ask questions, get to know the key people on campus and become familiar with the PNC buildings and classrooms, so they can ease their transition as PNC students.
“Regardless of weather, the morning will be exciting and informative. It is a must for new students and their parents,” Demski said. 

The event is free, but registration is requested. For more information call 800-872-1231, ext. 5415. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact ext. 5415.

Purdue North Central Spring Enrollment Sets Record 2005

Purdue North Central Spring Enrollment Sets Record

WESTVILLE – Purdue University North Central continues its trend of enrolling record numbers of full-time students for spring semester.

This semester sees 58.6 percent of PNC students taking 12 or more credit hours of classes, which breaks the spring semester record of 57 percent that was set just last year. In turn, PNC students also broke the campus spring semester record established in 2004, taking an average of 10.4 credit hours each this spring, compared to 10.2 in 2004. 

Another spring semester record was established as students enrolled in 33,401 credit hours, shattering the previous high of 33,329 credit hours set in the Spring of 2003.

These record numbers come on the heels of the overall campus record set this fall semester when 59.5 percent of the PNC student population was considered to be full-time students; with all PNC students averaging a fall semester record 10.43 credit hours. 

Overall, PNC has 3,212 students, an increase of 16 from last spring.

“We are pleased to see that full-time students are choosing to earn their degrees from Purdue North Central,” said Chancellor James B. Dworkin. “Our students know that they will receive a world-class education and earn a Purdue degree that is recognized worldwide. In recent years, we have increased the number of bachelor’s degrees offered, giving our students more program choices.”

Odyssey Sculpture Exhibit Adds Four New Pieces

Odyssey Sculpture Exhibit Adds Four New Pieces

WESTVILLE – The Purdue University North Central Odyssey 2004 – 05 multi-piece contemporary sculpture exhibit, has added four new sculptures to its Freedom Colonnade on campus.

The Freedom Colonnade on University Drive, located on the north side of the PNC campus, displays 13 sculptures that reflect the theme of “Freedom.”

The Odyssey 2004 – 05 exhibit opened in October and it brings together 18 new sculptures that grace the 305 acres of the PNC campus. They joined 14 existing sculptures on campus. The public is invited to view this free exhibit. All pieces are outdoors and maps for self-guided tours are available on campus.

The Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events series is celebrating its sixth year at PNC. The series includes a number of other art exhibits, film festivals, concerts, lectures and programs of general interest.

Sculptors exhibiting the newly added works are:

Peter J. Smith-Phillips – Transworkstar – A steel piece that reflects thoughts on freedom and religiosity.

Eric Stephenson – Emergence #11 (Free Spirit) – This work was inspired by the notion of a free spirit, acting in free will on free ideas. The gestural figure springs from an industrialized owl’s head, symbolizing the juxtaposition of humanity and technology, knowledge and action, language and thought.

John Mason – Ares in Transition #2 – A representation of the dynamic potential of freedom, as a bird “erupts” from the base.

David Noguchi – Forever Ours II – Represents the human zeal for freedom – “a burning flame within us.”

All pieces are for sale.Further information about the sculptures and the Odyssey series can be obtained by contacting Judy Jacobi, director of marketing at 800-872-1231, ext. 5593. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jacobi.

Faculty Members Edit Professional Journals

Faculty Members Edit Professional Journals

WESTVILLE – Two Purdue University North Central faculty members have edited journals that are read by their peers and other professionals in their respective fields.

Dr. Diane S. Maletta, assistant professor of education, was named publications editor for the Indiana State Reading Association (ISRA). Her primary focus is editing the Indiana Reading Journal, an ISRA publication. The refereed journal is the teaching of reading to elementary school students. Many articles are written by professors who, like Maletta, teach literacy-related courses for future elementary teachers who are learning more effective ways to teach children how to read, write and communicate. The ISRA is the state council of the International Reading Association (IRA).

As part of her responsibilities, Maletta edits four ISRA publications, with the Indiana Reading Journal, published three times a year, being the largest. The others are shorter newsletters.

Dr. Tantatape Brahmasrene, professor of economics, finance and international business, has edited the recent edition of Managerial Finance, in the United Kingdom by Barmarick Publications. This special issue was themed, “Contemporary Issues in Markets, Institutions and Prices” is refereed by a peer review panel that evaluates if articles are practitioner oriented, innovative, theoretically sound, reflect awareness of current theory and previous research and cover an important topic. In addition, the journal editorial board evaluates and rates on a scale of one to three stars, each paper on its journal website according to research implications, practical implications, originality and readability.

Brahmasrene, a native of Thailand, was the first PNC faculty member to receive the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship. He has consistently distinguished himself in his field, conducting research, presenting papers and publishing numerous articles. 

Fall 2004 Semester Honors List

Fall 2004 Semester Honors List (Spellings Per Purdue Records)

Beverly Shores
Gail Hays

Carol Cobb

Angela Hamann

Holly Baum
Keith Bennett
Courtney Cassler
Heather Cleveland
Pamela Cochran
Marcia Coican
Susan Essany
Shannon Floyd
Sylvia Fry
Dawn Gmyrek
Gary Goodwin
Lisa Graff
Nicholas Heflin
Shelina Howard
Nicole Johnson
Ian Keen
Marie Kirchner
Sharon Klahn
Amanda Lakatos
Samuel Langley
Donna Levi
Lynn Marshall
Catherine Martin
Rachel Maxin
Sarah Nallenweg
Lindsey Pappas
Teri Petrocelli
Kristina Ray
Tammy Rhoda
Susanna Rownd
Timothy Savage
Stephanie Schmidt
Robert Sego
Amy Sliwinski
Jason Surdzial
Kathleen Totty
Bethany Vallangeon
Melissa Waelde
Michael Weaver
Amber Weiandt
William Wring
Alan Zimmerman
Peter Zupan

Crown Point
Monica Atkinson
James Daniels
Ashley Gibson
Robert Keray
Theresa Lewandowski

Susan Shoop
Weston Workman

Candace De Young
Lourdes Gonzalez
Mark Gott
Keith Jolink
Rebecca Moskalick
Barbara Oney
Zachary Pajkos
Brock Roorda
Brandi, Roorda
Aleta Seidelman
Keri Smith
Larry Snyder
Phillip Winter
Nicole Zylstra

Jamie Dolson
Steven Kingery
Jessica Mc Carty
Rodney Mc Millan
Randall Replogle

Bridget Wuethrich

Dustin Waters

Tamela Simmons
Brooke Wozniak

Scott Robinett

Tracy Stone
Michael Yakimicki

Adam Clark
Jana Hazelton

Tamara Trajkovski

Shelly Barnes
Lorelei Cantu
Charles Santistevan
Ned Troxel

Amanda Chessor
Robin Dapkus
Jennifer Ensign
Lisa Garrett
Michael Hetrick
Robert Pryde
Tiffany Stahl
Sara Steiner
Nicole Zurawik

Kimberley Jensen

Tessa Anderson
Kathryn Chizzo
Jacob Dammarell
Valerie Dooling
Deborah Evans
Barbara Garcia
Justin Gospodarek
David Hall
Amy Hardesty-Asher
Clinton Jolliff
Michael Lindsay
Mark Oresik
Aubri Polak
Jolene Richter
Richard Shedrow
Lara Uriadko
Kristen Van Denburgh
Robert Wring

Timothy Northrup

Brent Houchens

Kingsford Heights
KaShawnta Evans
Jason Mc Christian
Andrew Sutor
Deborah Vivian

Mary Anderson
Dawn Bennett
Amy Berg
Tifany Binkley
Charles Caudill
Brian Frain
Sherri Grether
Bernice Hardin
Robin Haug
Julie Heise
Tiffany Howard
William Scalone
Dustin Sites
Misty Speelman
Jessica Stark

Christopher Bowers
Jacquelyn Bustos
Corinne Croff
Doris Detraz
Kristy Esserman
Elliot Patterson
Louise Thompson
Levi Wuethrich
Andrew Yacuk

Aaron Jones
Tracy Stoller
William Pitts
Robert Pitts

Lake Station
Andrea Easton
Diana Mead
Amber Mitchell
Gary Ray

La Porte
Amanda Allen
Susan Allwood
Meghan Arvay
Emily Baughman
Cassie Belzowski
Holly Bender
Jessica Benner
Michael Bentley
Emily Berby
Angela Bowman
Stephanie Brown
Tiffany Brown
Cody Browning
Gregory Brunjes
Crystal Bush
Patricia Carr
Meghan Cassady
Dawna Cavinder
Shelley Cedar
Aaron Collier
Nathan Combs
Bobbie Corley
Kristina Curtis
Sharon Curtis
Darla Davis
Jennifer Del Real
David Demmon
Laura Dobkins
Elaine Douglass
Luanne Downs
Justin Dwyer
Milton Egmer
Brett Elkins
Vicki Elkins
Martin Ellis
Kelli Eskridge
Marilyn Ewing
Dana Fabrowicz
Jamie Fabrowicz
Anthony Farlie
Cheri Farris
David Fix
Tacy Fletcher
Rita Flores
Thomas Floyd
Lori Foglesong
Christine Frank
Donald Galloway
Janet Garwood
Michael Graves
Carlene Harmon
Melissa Howe
Johnnie Hudson
McKinsey Jablonski
Michelle Jarka
Janine Jesch
Gail Johnson
Dana Jones
Brian Kajer
Kori Kasten
Pamela Kieft
Michael Kienitz
Ryan Kitkowski
Julie Knoll
Paul Kreamer
Alisha Krueger
Janet Lanning
Ronald Loeffler
Shannon Luketich
Nicole Mark
Samuel Maule
Felicia Menear
Amanda Messman
Justin Milcarek
Carrie Miller
Nicholas Mills
Mary Minich
Adrian Miramontes
Kimberly Mooi-Burns
Crystal Moser
Pamela Murphy
Krista Mussa
Lisa Nelson
Andrew Nielsen
Bethany Nielsen
Laura Nirenberg
Jeremy Noel
Marc Oestreich
Stephanie Ohime
Daniel Ondrovich
Brett Parks
Joseph Pask
Kesha Pate
Toni Peckham
Brian Phillips
Joshua Primm
Tommy Prosser
Michele Pytel
Joseph Quigley
Mark Rauschenbach
Janice Rees
Paula Reicher
Kristy Reuille
Michelle Riley
Jessica Robinson
Julia Rogers
Deborah Schaeffer
William Schott
Jeffery Scott
Chet Setser
David Shore
Lisa Shrader
Michael Sims
Adam Sims
Mary Smith
Ashley Snyder
Emerson Spartz
Michael Spencer
Jessica Spiess
Ann Stancil
Laura Stearns
Sarah Stevens
Nancy Stockstill
Thomas Stockstill
Tommy Sunn
David Swanson
Christine Taylor
Amanda Teets
Roger Tharpe
Steven Timm
Erika Tincau
Angela Torres
Jacqueline Torrez-Spletcher
Kristina Vaughn
Ryan Vega
Stephanie Vickers
Gregory Wellinski
Louis Westphal
Raymond Williams
Alison Wood
Donna Woodruff-Lute
Cassandra Zurawski

Long Beach
Bridget Kirk

Meagon Losh

April Krizanek
Michelle Mc Adoo
Nicholas Underwood

Michigan City
Carol Abshire
Jeremy Allison
Kendra Angelo
Brandon Applegate
Chad Bailey
Amanda Bair
Erika Bales
Christina Barden
Terri Bartels
Dmitriy Bazylyuk
Christina Bentley
Jason Bergquist
Virginia Borolov
Eric Buchner
Marsha Buckingham
Raymond Callahan
Catherine Callan
Patrick Cassidy
Charlene Catchings
Amy Chism
Aldona Clagg
Ta-Tanesha Clark
Corine Coleman
Mark Condon
Angela Crawford
Kristy Crowley
Camellia Dabagia
Kyle Davis
Ashley Davis
Tonya De Martinis
Stephanie Eich
Terry Elkins
Carey Foldenauer
Dawn Foss
Kylee Fraze
Jessica Fryar
Elvira Galvan
Kelley Gertner
Penny Gipson
Bertha Gonzalez
Lynn Gumns
Anthony Haro
Jacob Haverstick
Eula Hernandez
Kymberly Hoover
Rebecca Hughes
Jennifer Hullinger
Timothy Jenkins
Wajdi Kamleh
Heidi Kaplan
Jenny Kintzele
Raney Knoll
Angela Krentz
Christina Kutch
Rebecca Lane
Laura Lasky
Elisa Lawson
Brandi Lewis
Nicole Losiniecki
Jessica Lowry
Deborah Lyles
Michaelle Mary
Mary Mc Manus
Paulette Means
Heather Melton
Amelia Methner
Jon Mieding
Michelle Miller
Kytenica Mitchell
Abagail Moore
Tony Morales
Curtis Morris
Jeri Naillieux
Bronson O’Shea
Amber Page
Sarah Page
Cynthia Pagels
Daniel Palmer
Sheri Paniccia
Patricia Pawlik
Shawn Pierce
Sandra Polarek
Edward Radiger
LouAnn Ramsey
Kristina Raymond
Brandy Reynolds
Crystal Ridley
Graham Robertson
Jeffrey Schreeg
Edward Scrivnor
Yannet Serrano
Kristen Smiertelny
Rae-Londa Smith
Ashley Smith
Carmen Sperry
Robert Steffen
Eileen Steinhiser
Bradley Stigler
Todd Stromer
Dustin Tidwell
Abigail Tiedeman
Kathryn Tiedeman
Dalrey Trotter
Andrew Vallely
Dawn Ward
Sarah Weber
Mary Werner
Quinn West
Tina West
James White
Jonathan Williamson
Robin Willis
Lenda Wilson

Mill Creek
Timber Hewitt
Megan Troxell

Heather Weaver

New Carlisle
Jeremy Blosser
Alfredo Brioli
Nicole Klimek
Matthew Mahler
Sarah Monroe
Lucinda Pavolka-Scheidel
Gabriela Post
Christopher Turner

North Judson
Pamela Bau
Dana Carpenter
Rabecca Cole
Susan Garay
Constantina Gheorghiu
Adrian Gheorghiu
Rochella Ludlow
Rosalind Miller
Leroy Sallee
Amy Smith

North Liberty
Joshua Heaton

Josh Ehmer

Sean Sullivan

Sandra Ringer

Edith Biller
Kim Blakely
Kari Brown
Angela Carroll
Cynthia Caudill
Michelle Coleman
Matthew Cook
Matthew Crizer
Jeffrey Dabu
Christina Delhaye
Sally Detterline
Joshua Elkins
William Fowler
Catherine Garzella
Brooks Gorden
Lourie Green
Adam Hatten
James Houpt
Stephanie Johnson
Matthew Kirk
Lisa Lococo
Melissa Lucas
Francisco Marino
Matthew Martinez
Jamie Mc Cune
Katherine Mc Veigh
Jeffrey Merrell
Nicole Messer
John Minor
Goran Nastoski
Laura Patten
Catherine Patterson
Angela Peete
Victoria Perez
Eric Pilnock
Jill Posiadlik
Allison Sanetznik
Angela Schest
Pamela Shook
Shawn Sobocinski
Bryan Standerski
James Sullivan
Julius Titak
Sean Tomei
Lisa Tometczak
Susan Tomsic
Dawn Ulicni
Andrew Wallen
Tiffany Wallen
Jaime Woods
Erin Zak

Thomas Billings
Kelly Daubek
Kelly Eriksson
Natalie Harris
Amanda Hill
Lisa Liebert
Heather Lucas
Carla Novreske
Julie Wallschlager

Thomas Underwood
Michael Zylstra

Rolling Prairie
Pleasant Mc Guire
Amy Moreau
Meredith Newland
Kelly Owens
Kevin Rehlander
Jamella Schultz
Carissa Sherwood
Christopher Vesper

San Pierre
Jennifer Howard

Jason Stuebe

South Bend
Matthew Flournoy
Shellie Harshberger
Chawa Msachi
David Vincent

St. John
Katie Mehok

Union Mills
Kalvin Morrison
Julia Roesler
Jennifer Stout


Wendee Aardema
Christine Abraham
Stacy Adams
Dale Ailes
Morgen Baker
Steven Baker
Bipin Balar
Lindsey Bannerman
William Bannister
Letitia Barncord
Shawn Barnes
Justin Beauchamp
Betty Bensing
Alesia Bewick
Laura Bokma
Marcia Briggs
Kari Bukur
Andrew Burnison
Jason Burnside
Jennifer Byrne-Stasiek
Patricia Cain
Carl Caldwell
Scarlet Carney
Julie Catarello
Jonathan Charlson
Angela Clark
Barbara Clouse
Christina Cobb
John Coggins
Kevin Comerford
Deborah Conn
Paul Corbett
Susan Corbett
Briana Craven
Jennifer Cristea
Sara Crowley
Elizabeth Cuellar
Aaron Cunningham
Andrew Cuson
Brenda Darrol
Jennifer Davies
Lori Davis
Joseph De Felice
Nicole Denike
Adam Depew
Elizabeth Depew
Cheryl Dixon
Socorrito Doran
Matthew Dravet
Kelly Dziepak
Keith Farmer
Gail Farver
Tracy Filar
Emily Fleig
Jennifer Funk
Robert Gibson
Christina Gladdis
Lucas Gorski
Margaret Grandys
Nicole Green
Melissa Gremp
Alicia Guyott
Deborah Hager
Carol Hall
Deborah Hartz
Sally Hatala
Christopher Hepburn
Nicholas Hill
Aaron Hill
John Hollandsworth
Kyle Homeier
Christy Hospodavis
John Hruska
Erin Jabo
Tammy Jaeger
Celess Janeway
Theodore Janik
Karen Johnson
Milo Johnson
Amie Jones
Julie Jones
Craig Kajer
Jason Kankowski
Stephanie Keelen
Janice Keene
Michael Kern
Timothy Kidd
Aurora Kittredge
Robert Klaiber
Connie Kleist
Jayma Klemz
Trisha Koehl
Stephanie Koehl
Sarah Kotys
Chad Kotys
Ronnie Krantz
Bryan Krieg
Corrine Krischano
John Kroll
Anthony Kuehl
Juliana Lach
Grace Lacy
Jeffrey Langan
Susan Lass-Wardlow
David Lauper
Matthew Lee
Dana Lippelt
Caroline Listman
Samantha Long
Erica Maar
Thalia Maginas
Nathan Malasto
Charles Malott
Jean Martin
Allison Mc Leish
Annette Meadows
Jacqueline Metts
Laura Miller
Jonathan Mokrzycki
Marcus Mola
Matthew Montania
Lisa Montgomery
Julie Morris
Fabiana Moseley
Melissa Muffoletto
Devon Mulligan
Molly Murphy
Nancy Natale
Sherry Nelson
Edward Nettels
Lisa Newton
Melanie Nixon
Lauren Novac
Bianca Olar
Alison Ombrembowski
Brent Page
Louis Panayi
Sharon Patrick
Monica Pearson
Brian Peckat
Amy Pierce
Melissa Powell
Katherine Proper
Dennis Pugh
Julie Rafter-Lodics
Raymond Ramirez
Michael Ramos
John Redmond
Samantha Reinhardt
Katherine Rekart
Edward Rosary
Frances Russell
Amy Salyers
Angela Santistevan
William Schuster
Robert Schwaller
Taylor Schwarzkopf
Marc Seeley
Aaron Seely
Andrew Seibel
Anjali Sharma
Benjamin Sielski
Sarah Sims
Tony Skimehorn
Stephanie Smith
Wesley Smith
Karen Springman
Jessica Springman
Robert Spurlock
Sabrina Stokes
Jacqueline Stoner
Travers Swardson
Danielle Sytsma
Travis Thatcher-Curtis
Lincoln Thormahlen
Margaret Tyler
Arnold Uhrina
Donald Upton
Brooke Vaughan
Brianne Vena
Alison Villagran
Barbra Von Huben
Elizabeth Walker
Cathy Weiler
Daniel Wellman
Eric Westforth
Jennifer White
Tricia Wiegand
Jeffrey Wiesemann
Dorian Williams
Pamela Williams
Carol Wilson
Jill Wineland
Lisa Wing
Melissa Winkoff
Kristoffer Winter
Kenny, Wong
Leslee Wright
Kelly Wroblewski

Martha Dollahan
Roselyn Flitter
Asheley Lawrence
Leslie Lestinsky-Miller
Stacey Naughton
Andrea Ottinger

Ashley Balon
Kathryn Beavin
Alyssa Buechley
Justin Dyjak
Michelle Dyjak
Kathryn Fulford
Kendra Howard
Jennifer Lussow
Jennifer Mc Cormick
Barbara Miller
Thelma Nornes
Jane Petrone
Angela Smoker
Michael Thurber
Carrie Walter
Tracy Walters
April Watson
Alisher Yakubov

Willis Adams
Mallory Bachman
Paul Baker
Randy Bishop
Ronald Bogseth
Keith Bracey
William Brettin
Kenneth Brewer
Seth Burnett
Quintin Callis
Hakeem Carr
Darrell Carter
Melissa Casler
Amanda Cleary
Lanny Cravens
Shane Crouch
Adamlee Cunningham
Debra Daugherty
Jessica Dickinson
Matthew Diehl
Bradley Dimmitt
Curtiss Doan
Tonya Earle
Kevin Elias
William Estell
Jatal French
Michael Hahn
James Haley
Bradley Ham
Robert Haney
Barry Hendricks
Aundrea Hoffman
Julie Hornsby
John Humphries
Le Kang
Diana Klecka
Amy Klimek
Matthew Koogler
Kelly Krischano
Thomas Lawson
Charles Losee
Anibal Maisonave
Duane Mc Cain
Timothy Mc Carthy
Linda Mc Coy
Clarence Mc Gee
Keith Mears
Christopher Mellon
Michael Miller
Nicole Nebelung
Joseph Parsons
Joseph Paulet
Jennifer Pauley
Bryan Pierce
Mitchell Preston
Dejuan Price
Curtis Raderstorf
Jason Reed
Johnathan Scott
Andrew Seibert
Joseph Semala
David Shaevitz
Bart Shank
Elisha Smith
Robert Snell
Kimberly Socha
Jeremy Spurrier
Corwin Stahl
William Stickrod
Thomas Stout
Christopher Synesael
Alan Targgart
Eddie Taylor
Daniel Timm
Carey Timm
Anthony Todd
Shane Townsley
John Tucker
Kriss Tumbleson
Camie Tyler
Justin Tyler
Jeffery Vaillancourt
Chad Wallace
Belinda Wheeler
Larry Whitaker
Damon White
James White
Gary Yoakum
Gabriel Yocum

Madalene Nagel
Linda Pruitt
Sheryl Sako
Mark Terborg
Eric Van Kley

Michael Cheek

Melissa Allen
Gerry Rater
Colleen Taylor