PNC Accounting Students Offer Free Tax Service

Students from Purdue University North Central tax and accounting classes are again offering free assistance to the public in preparing federal and state income tax returns. This program is designed to provide basic income tax return preparation to individuals with low to moderate incomes, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly.

This is the 26th year that PNC has participated in the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Thanks to support from the La Porte County United Way, the program has been expanded this year to accommodate more clients. This program offers free filing help to individuals and families with Gross Incomes of $53,000 or less. Gross Income is defined as income from all sources. Tax Returns will be prepared for income from wages, salaries, tips, pensions, ordinary interest, dividends, unemployment compensation, or Social Security benefits.

Appointments are required. Appointments will be available from 9:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on all Saturdays from February 14 through March 28 with the exception of March 14. The service will be offered in Room 109 of the Technology Building on the PNC campus.

Due to a recent IRS change, this year tax returns can now be prepared for taxpayers who need to file an Indiana Return, but are not required to file a federal tax return (state only returns).

Thomas Holets, continuing lecturer of Accounting and coordinator of the PNC program, said the student VITA volunteers are prepared to help with basic returns, including the 1040, 1040A, 1040 EZ, and the Indiana IT-40. Returns which include interest and dividend income, Itemized Deductions, Earned Income Credit (EIC), and basic stock and bond transactions will also be prepared. Taxpayers are expected to participate in the IRS e-file program, unless there is a technical reason which prevents e-filing.

The volunteer tax preparers have completed 12 credit hours in accounting, including at least one tax course at Purdue North Central, and passed a rigorous IRS examination on tax rules and filing procedures.

The tax preparation services offered include:

Form 1040 with Schedules A, B, EIC, D, & R

Form 2441 (Child and Dependent Care Credit)

Form 8863 (Educational Credits)

Form 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)

Forms that will not be prepared are:

Schedule C (Profit & Loss from Business) (Example Cosmetic Sales or Other Self-Employment)

Complicated & Advanced Schedule D (i.e. Capital Gains & Losses on portfolio Stock Sales)

Schedule E (Rents & Losses)

Schedule F (Farm Income or Income from Rental of Farm Property)

Form 2106 (Employee Business Expenses)

Form 3909 (Moving)

Form 8606 (Non-deductible IRA)

Form 8615 (Minor’s Investment Income)

Form SS-5 (Request for Social Security Number)

Returns for taxpayers that are on active Military Duty

Injured or Innocent Spouse Returns

Cancellation of Debt

Assistance with Health or Medical Savings Accounts (W-2 Box 12 Code W or W-2 Box 12 Code R) is unavailable. It may become available early in March. Please call back to check on availability later in the season.

Students do not prepare self-employment returns (no Schedule C, Schedule SE) this type of income is often reported to on FORM 1099-MISC.

To request an appointment, contact the United Way toll-free at 1-877-502-0700.

PNC Will Host FAFSA Weekend Feb. 21 & 22

Purdue University North Central will have a FAFSA Weekend to help students and parents complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) paperwork on Saturday, Feb. 21 and Feb. 22 in the Technology Building, Room 265.

The FAFSA is required for students to be considered for federal and state grants, loans and scholarships at most colleges, universities and vocational/technical schools nationwide and must be filed by March 10 to be eligible for state aid. During the FAFSA Weekend at PNC, PNC financial aid staff will be on hand to help students and their families file the form online. Any college-bound student and their parents may stop in, email or call to seek assistance or ask questions.

On Saturday, Feb. 21, assistance will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST.

On Sunday, Feb. 22, from 2 to 4 p.m., PNC will participate in the statewide College Goal Sunday activities. PNC will be one of 37 College Goal Sunday sites in Indiana offering students and their parents the help they need in understanding, completing and filing the FAFSA.

Throughout FAFSA Help Weekend, there will be e-mail and instant messenger and an open phone line to take incoming questions. The email address is and telephone, 877-792-2013.

Those who intend to complete the FAFSA online must have an electronic Personal Identification Number (PIN). A PIN can be obtained online prior to filing at, or can be obtained online at the Financial Aid Weekend. Both the parent and the student will need a PIN in order to sign and complete the FAFSA.

Those who intend to complete the FAFSA at the Financial Aid Weekend should be sure to bring:

  1. A copy of student and parent completed 2014 Federal taxes – 1040, 1040a,1040ez and 2014 W-2 forms. If the tax forms have not been completed, numbers can be estimated for the FAFSA using the W-2, if necessary.
  2. Statements showing the value of investments such as stocks and bonds.
  3. Statements of the student’s and parent’s balances of checking and savings.
  4. Any other untaxed income.
  5. Both the student and parent birth dates and social security numbers.

Students who worked last year should bring their income information. Students 24 years of age or older may attend alone and bring their own completed 2014 IRS 1040 tax return, W-2 Form or other 2014 income and benefits information.

Further information about financial aid or the Financial Aid Weekend may be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid office at 785-5200,  ext. 5493 or Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact ext. 5493.

PNC Books and Coffee Series Continues

The Purdue University North Central “Books & Coffee” discussion series will continue with presentations during the spring semester. The programs are free and open to the public and meet from noon to about 1 p.m. in Library-Student-Faculty Building, Assembly Hall, Room 02, located on the building’s lower level. Refreshments will be served.

Each session will feature a review of the book, followed by a discussion period. The books being reviewed are available in the PNC Bookstore. This semester’s selections include:

Feb. 18: Dr. Aaron Warren, associate professor of Physics will review “Sync: How Order Emerges From Chaos in the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life” by Steven Strogatz. Strogatz, a leading mathematician in the fields of chaos and complexity theory, explains how enormous systems can synchronize themselves, from electrons in a superconductor to pacemaker cells in human hearts. He shows that although these phenomena seem unrelated on the surface, at a deeper level there is a connection forged by the unifying power of mathematics. The tendency for systems to synchronize may be one of the most pervasive and fundamental in nature, intriguing some of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, including Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Norbert Wiener, Brian Josephson, and Arthur Winfree.

March 18: Linda Dutlinger, retired associate professor of Developmental Studies, will present the Pulitzer Prize winning “Five Days at Memorial” by Sherry Fink. The book is a painfully accurate account of Memorial Hospital in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. The author details facts on the topics of responsibility during a major disaster and how decisions are made. Forty-five bodies were recovered from the hospital, more than any other hospital in the city; charges of intentional killings of patients during the disaster led to a grand jury investigation.

Apr. 15: Dr. Raymond Gleason, limited term lecturer of English, will discuss his book, “The Violent Season.” It is a book about people, Americans and Vietnamese; men and women; young and some old; innocent and eager or jaded and worn out; all transformed in the Vietnam War. An excerpt reads: “If Trinh allowed himself to think of such things, he would admit that he would gladly trade the rest of his life just to be able to spend one evening together with his father reading from the book of Apollinaire’s poetry that Trinh had burned so many years ago in the mountains near the Chinese border. But, such things are not possible. His father’s body was rotting in some undiscovered pit outside Hanoi where the Japanese had dumped it. His mother had probably died in one of those horrid ‘comfort houses’ where the Japanese forced Vietnamese women to service the sexual needs of their soldiers . . . Sergeant Major Trinh’s only reality is that on this morning, he is on a wooded ridgeline with twenty soldiers of the People’s Army of Viet Nam, a snot-nose Sub-Lieutenant with a party card and a university degree, the enemy near and a mission to accomplish.”

Additional information about Books and Coffee may be obtained by contacting Dr. Kenneth Kincaid, associate professor of History, at 785-5200,  ext. 5244 or  Persons with disabilities needing accommodations should contact Kincaid.

PNC Presents “Exploring Light” by Maureen Sylvia Lighthall

Maureen Sylvia Lighthall

Maureen Sylvia Lighthall

The Purdue University North Central Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series will present the exhibit “Exploring Light” featuring abstract images by artist Maureen Sylvia Lighthall through May in the first floor, north study area of the PNC Technology Building. It is free and open to the public.

Building hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the school semester; otherwise the building is closed on Sunday.

The show features abstract art pieces done in mediums of watercolor, and acrylic, encaustic and resin on paper, canvas or Mylar.

Lighthall explains her artwork, “I release these images and explore the play of light on multiple surfaces and layers, some of which I have riveted or sewn. In the real world around me, I see nature: finding bark on a tree, the trees in a larger landscape, bones and primitive cave art, found objects, stones, rock formations, close up or from a distance. Also, my art has helped me recover from the loss of my son, David. I create art in his spirit, using light and color and share my celebration of life.”

Her art has appeared in juried art shows in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan and is in the corporate collections of Liberty Steel, St. Joseph, Mich.; Pfizer Corporation, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Irwin Union Bank and Trust, Columbus, Ind. and Braswell Fine Art, Chicago and Paris. In addition, her work is in personal collections in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

For information about this exhibit or the Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series, contact Judy Jacobi, PNC assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Campus Relations, at 785-5200, ext. 5593. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jacobi.

PNC Presents “Uniforms, Outfits & Accessories” Art Exhibit

Joel DeGrand

Joel DeGrand

The Purdue University North Central Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series will feature an exhibit of immersive photographs by Joel DeGrand titled, “Uniforms, Outfits & Accessories.” The exhibit runs through May in the PNC Library-Student-Faculty Building, Room 02 in the building’s lower level. It is free and is open to the public and may be viewed by appointment only.

The photographs study uniforms and outfits, a part of the human experience since the Stone Age.

DeGrand notes, “Every society has a dress code that is well defined and understood by most members of that particular group. The dress code has specific rules, which in turn signal a message given by a person’s clothing and the way it is worn. The message may indicate income, social class, religious affiliation, attitude, sexual orientation, marital status, or sexual availability. It may be seen in the clothes worn in the armed services, the paramilitary, the police, security guards and the clergy. It can also be seen in shops, banks, post offices,

airports, bars, restaurants and hotels, sports teams, clubs, schools and prisons. Sometimes corporations use uniforms to create a brand or corporate image.”

Through his photography, DeGrand intends to portray “those unique uniforms, outfits and accessories that best exemplify any particular culture and hopefully tell the story of the individual who wears these outfits.”

DeGrand holds an MFA in photography from the University of Oregon and a BS in Art Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has been a photographer since his early childhood and has taught art and photography since 1968. He has participated in numerous one-person, group exhibitions and workshops in the U.S. and abroad. His work is featured in museums, corporations, private collections and publications. He has published 16 books of his photography and won many awards for his work, including a National Endowment for the Arts grant.

To schedule an appointment to view this exhibit or to obtain further information, contact Judy Jacobi, PNC assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Campus Relations, at 785-5200 ext. 5593. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jacobi.

Purdue University North Central Fall 2014 Honor Roll

Spellings per Purdue University records.

Jami M. Hooker
Beverly Shores
Joseph D. Guncheon
Emily M. Wyatt
Michelle L. Wyatt
Bridgman, MI    
Matthew S. Rodriguez
Burns Harbor
Brendan Freeze
Angela M. Woods
Cedar Lake
Mishelle A. Mastronardi
Deidre R. Nuccio
Anna E. Torres
Kendra L. Berke
Vanessa R. Bruce
Mary M. Brust
Taylor M. Bull
Maria T. Burelli
Christina A. Byers
Molly N. Cannon
Joshua E. Carlson
Shelby N. Carter
Halle N. Charlebois
Stephen R. Crockett
Thomas Darnell
Monica M. Deeter
Michael A. Diaz
Bridget R. Dudley
Anthony J. Ello
Jennifer L. Eubanks
Sherry L. Gacioch
Kyle R. Galloway
Brandon K. Garvey
Justin S. Golday
Kathleen E. Green
Danalhy Guerra
Kaitlyn D. Hasselberger
Chieko Hatai
Noelle M. Hinkel
Andrew S. Hinkley
Justin N. Holland
Jeremy K. Jaeger
Benjamin P. Jakubowski
Kerin L. Jakubowski
Ryan A. Jakubowski
Shaina J. Johnson
Ariel J. Joseph
Samuel M. Langley
Christopher J. Mahoney
Mariel A. McElfresh
Madelaine E. Miller
Gabrielle M. Music
Alison M. Nelson
Amy L. Norris
Nicolaus G. Patterson
Carlos M. Pedroza
Nathanael J. Pilla
Jason P. Pollock
Julie A. Rains
Timothy J. Ramsey
Alysha M. Rechlicz
Bailey J. Regier
McKenzie E. Richardson
Jason W. Schacht
Sydney N. Sharpe
Haley J. Solar
Jessica L. Streeter
Tyler A. Sufana
Kelsey A. Tabbert
Tamara I. Tarnowski
Bradley C. Troup
Alexis S. Ulrich
Gabriel T. Underwood
Lyndie E. Walton
Tyler S. Wein
Haley White
Conner J. Whitfield
Kathryn M. Winski
Shanna I. Wisneski
Abigail L. Wolter
Chicago, IL    
Jeffrey L. Bonesteel
Joshua S. Laine
Richard M. Myers
Nicolas J. Waldmarson
Crown Point
Barbra E. Anderson
Zachary A. Biscuso
Ralaunda M. Bradshaw
Nicholas M. Chimitt
Alyssa R. DelRisco
Yiqi Duan
Sara H. Dubczak
Jonathan J. Fabian
Marilyn A. Gonzales
Taylor L. Hawkins
Dean A. Hill
Carrie N. Kovacik
Nichole D. Pater
Emily N. Rouhselang
Hannah M. Streeter
Kevin J. Vickers
Amanda H. Waliszewski
Kacie N. Wilcox
Vance R. Curtis
Hanna M. Ehlinger
Cassondra G. Patrick
Jason Allen
Jennifer L. Howard
Shelby L. Hurst
Kristen E. Jones
Miranda L. Retzlaff
Nicholas J. Saliga
Emily C. Sandefur
Ryan L. Schultz
Abbey L. Sittema
Emily S. Zamitis
Anthony R. Hoolehan
Naomi L. Gray
Shawn D. Cramer
Nolan R. Mc Bride
Dane M. Wysong
Etna Green
Courtney Armacost
Fair Oaks    
Austin J. Sanders
Flossmoor, IL
Keith Pullen
Fort Wayne
Jaime M. Lemon
Jessica A. Libey
Madalene C. Nagel
Galien, MI
Brandi N. Gareau
Marcelina M. Espinosa
Renee E. Porter
Robert L. Kuntz
Natalie E. Weiss
Amanda L. Budde
Katelyn N. Peters
Millette K. Noble
Nicole J. Brabbs
Noemis Cavazos
Tori J. Lunsford
Nancy M. Cole
Heather A. Horne
Tammy L. Rosebaum
Eric T. Barzycki
Amanda K. Bernard
Aerielle A. Brugos
Katrina I. Carroll
Lindsay R. Covault
Nicole M. Dziadosz
Kyle J. Hernandez
Shaw R. Hiestand
Crystal E. Hinkel
Aleksandra S. Kasich
Anneliese J. Kieper
Angela A. Krueger
Caitlyn E. Lent
Kayla M. Ludington
Elizabeth A. MacNeill
Mike A. Mikulich
Dylan J. Parks
Jason M. Reick
Jeffrey S. Sarkey
Matthew M. Scheffer
Charles L. Shields
Ashley M. Spurr
Jessica A. Stockman
Taylor Stokes
Jacob K. Straka
Beth A. Szymaszek
Kimberly D. Szymaszek
Rachel E. Tacker
Meagan N. Ziller
Kate R. Zavada
Jeremy S.Booker
Jared A. Daghy
Tyler J. Grynovich
Gabriella A. Guerra
Keri A. Ingram
Brian C. Jones
Allison N. Lamparski
Codi L. North
Felicia M. Perschau
Jeremy A. Phillips
Francesca M. Polizotto
Jamie K. Pope
Zachary R. Staback
Karin D. Sylvia
Nina S. Terry
Shane L. Spells
Kingsford Heights
Julie A. Herbst
Hannah M. Fuller
Crystal A. Allen
Roxann L. Back
Brianna K. Barnett
Charles H. Caudill
Sally L. Daisy
Leanne R. Kerley
Dominic W. White
Janel M. Zilinski
Cody M. Jansen
Catherine N. Davis
Caitlin L. Doherty
Brent Jarnecke
Austin T. Mc Neill
Easten R. Mc Neill
Zachary T. Minchuk-Bielawski
Malori J. Miner
Rachel L. Palmer
Madelyne A. Royter
Lindsey C. Salyer
Jacob D. Spratley
La Crosse
Quinn B. Guillermo
Tracy L. Muggelberg
La Porte
Emilee A. Armstrong
Charlotte M. Baldwin
Zoe Bales
Andrew J. Baney
Kayla N. Banks
Hannah E. Barden
Robert L. Barden
Jennifer L. Bardusk
Trace S. Beauchamp
Eric Beebe
Jordan M. Behenna
Austin A. Bell
Sunshine M. Bell
Brent A. Bellen
John C. Beutner
Karen E. Bjonback
Peter T. Boulahanis
Nolin H. Bruns
Rubinely Calderon
Alyssa M. Cardello
Cassie M. Carlson
David Carmel
James M. Carrier
Angeline M. Cary
Amanda R. Chavez
Emily J. Cizewski
Melissa L. Coffeen
Alexandria M. Cooper
Molly R. Cross
Nanda L. Danitschek
Shawna R. Degraff
Jeremy C. Diederich
Jenna C. Diehl
Joel Diehl
Jamie L. Dillon
Latasha S. Dixon
Kelly A. Donze
Brittany K. Dunbar
Taylor K. Emmons
Jeremy D. Erne
Courtney L. Felker
Caitlyn D. Fennell
Sarah J. Fisher
Kamilah N. Fleming
Selina M. Flores
Jordan A. Frame
Andrew J. Frecke
Rebecca J. Frye
Viktoria L. Gagnet
Jocelyn Gaona
Marisa R. Garcia
Rachel E. Garwood
Andrea M. Ginter
Madison P. Gits
Ian E. Gonsorek
Nicole M. Griffin
Jory M. Grillo
Taylor N. Gumns
Kimberly P. Gustafson
Robin L. Gustafson
Sherri Haverstock
Megan D. Henrich
Rachel A. Hill
Kjia D. Hindsley
Rebecca A. Hipskind
Coburn M. Hoffman
Reginald J. Hopton
Alexis D. Jackson
Jami L. Jackson
Karen N. Jedrysek
Polly A. Johns
Vanessa R. Johnson
Jaime L. Jorge
Mark C. Jozaitis
Amanda G. Julian
Matthew J. Kazmierzak
Christine J. Keil
Allison M. Kelly
Nathanial G. Kennedy
Brittany T. Ketcham
Courtney L. Knotts
Carly Kwiecien
Hannah L. Lawrence
Stephanie L. Lawrence
Kim A. Lewis
Amanda J. Lindsey
Gregory T. Littlejohn
Joshua A. Long
Alissa R. Marcum
Craig A. Marcum
Jordan R. Marhanka
Nicole E. Mc Caw
Rachael A. Mc Cluskey
Alexander C. McCoy
Joshua L. McCoy
Cortney A. McIntosh
Michael A. Metyko
Justin T. Miller
Ryan G. Miller
Sean A. Mitchell
Stephanie M. Muccigrosso
Dylan M. Mumaw
Sarah N. Nelson
Jadie-Kae K. Novak
Joshua P. Nowatzke
Kajal A. Patel
Nicholas T. Pazera
Ian S. Pearson
Geoffrey M. Phillips
Brittney M. Randall
Marissa G. Remedi
Samantha M. Riehle
Jessica K. Roberts
Sabra E. Rodriguez
Rocio E. Romero
Megan A. Sager
Bianca Salgado
Carissa A. Sass
Amber N. Schoff
Ashley Schultz
John C. Schutte
Alison C. Searle
Mercadise C. Seitz
Storm E. Shortt
Christian A. Sightes
Matthew Y. Simpson
Ivan M. Singleton
Vicki L. Sizemore
Caitlin P. Smith
Kimberly L. Snyder
Rebecca A. Spevak
Tabatha F. Spiess
Layni G. Sprouse
Samantha R. Stacy
Natalee J. Stewart
Hannah A. Sutherlin
Lynndsey J. Swanson
Mandie A. Swanson
Samuel H. Swanson
Danielle R. Szymkowski
Tyler M. Szynal
Nathaniel L. Talbot
Janelle R. Taylor
Kaitlyn N. Taylor
Rachel D. Thomas
Alexandria R. Thompson
Joseph R. Tomal
Adam M. Tschida
Ashley N. Tucker
Christy M. Uidl
Kurt S. Urbanski
Stephanie L. Wagner
Emily C. Ward
Samantha G. Warren
Nicole C. Wheeler
Brianna L. Whitsitt
Terrence Wicks
Nicholas W. Wilczewski
Charles K. Williams
Gabrielle E. Winslett
Sarah A. Wooden
Caleb D. Yandek
Brandi N. Young
Chrystal L. Ziegler
Michael A. Zinn
Abbey L. Scowden
Lake Station
Jeffrey M. Dacey
Meghan L. Davis
Christopher M. Rieck
Brad E. Snodgrass
Lucas D. Pearson
Long Beach
Lindsey A. Applegate
Danielle S. Sopovski
Ashley L. Starcevich
Matthew R. Burge
Melrose Park, IL
Ricardo Chavarria
Destinie A. Calo
Maya L. Griffin
Darryl A. King
Kristin A. McGee
Michigan City
Victoria B. Abdullah
Erin G. Albright
Nichole R. Anthony
Luis Arteaga
Tamika C. Braxton
Mary K. Brooks
Elizabeth K. Brown
Adam E. Burton
Grady P. Byrnes
Guadalupe Y. Cabrera
Lindsey M. Casbon
Jasmine L. Collins
Hyette C. Daikhi
Debra L. Davis
Jane Davis-Bey
Amanda C. Deaner
Samantha L. Duffy
Elizabeth Margaret F. Duszynski
Michelle M. Edwards
Stephanie A. Egle
Sara Everly
Brittany K. Fields
Alicia N. Fogarty
Kellie M. Gast
Sarah M. Gawel
Jacklyn Gleser
Erica L. Grevenstuk
Darren G. Gruber
Micaela A. Hackett
Keith C. Hager
Charles J. Halberstadt
Jama K. Hancock
Jeremy R. Harris
Brandon P. Hawkins
Kristina E. Heuck
Jayde O. Hippen
Erin E. Hogan
Dreanna J. Hurt
Jesse M. Ingle
Hannah E. Jumche
Kayla A. Kaplan
Loreal D. Karten
Karen Kennedy
Michael S. Kilbourne
Lee A. Killingbeck
Jessica L. Kobitka
Kanae Kura
Eileen M. Long
Theresa M. Lupus
Jordan C. Martin
Allison E. Martinez
Ryan T. Mc Cormick
Samuel A. Mejean
Paige E. Mellen
Ebony L. Neal
Kasey C. Nowatzke
Bradley A. Olson
Isabella L. O’Shea-Childress
Dustin R. Patrick
Brittany Penny
Michael L. Peterson
Cheryl Y. Plummer
David L. Plunk
Lillianna R. Pollnow
Brooke A. Pritz
Kayana L. Pryor
Nicole E. Radiger
Virginia Ramos-Romero
Cassie A. Rebac
Miranda M. Richert
Austin D. Ricketts
Catherine R. Robbins
Zachary T. Scherf
Anthony D. Sitar
Samantha E. Sobieski
Reginald H. Steppe
Colin B. Switalski
Tiffany M. Sydow
Kasey N. Tanksley
Lane S. Van Sickle
Stephanie M. Van Sickle
Abigail L. Vittatoe
Tabitha D. Ward
Emily A. Williams
Brandon M. Witherspoon
Michael J. Womack
Aaron C. Worachek
Amber M. Young
Brittany N. Zarazee
Mary A. Zeh
John A. Zeller
Darleen D. Zimmerle
Mill Creek
Benjamin E. Tarnow
Janyelle M. Wiltfong
Milwaukee, WI
Danielle C. Keller
Minooka, IL  
Caroline Brown
Morgan R. Bradley
Omar D. Morris
Dillon K. Seniff
Mount Pleasant, MI  
Ty W. Devine
Basel M. Almedej
New Buffalo, MI  
Alexandria G. Briatta
Gregory Walton
New Carlisle
Emily E. Barnhart
Roger G. Brewer
Mary H. Gamble
Sara L. Kobitz
Jacob A. Miller
Megan E. O’Malley
Kayla A. Singleton
Tiffany L. Thordarson
Dustin P. Williams
North Judson
Sebern K. Bailey
Scotty W. Elsea
Mitchell J. Fingerhut
Breann L. Fletcher
Tristan J. Fletcher
Jennifer R. Floyd
Kayla R. Lain
Samantha L. Myer
Devin C. Myers
Tyler W. Russell
Keenan Scutchfield
Ellen K. Sturgell
Ogden Dunes
Ellen N. Falk
Ethan Brown
Tiffany L. Buchanan
Scott R. Cawthon
Alyssa D. Petrelli
Angela M. Redman
Bryant G. Reese
Alejandra E. Renteria
Monica I. Renteria
Lauren G. Tanner
Christopher J. Tobolski
David M. Almendarez
Lauryn K. Alyea
Stephanie N. Benak
Deborah L. Bennett
Tiffany D. Briesacher
Andrew G. Brown
Stephanie A. Burian
Cloe M. Carda
Erika Cervantes
Rebecca H. Cheky
Alicia M. Ciesielski
Chelsea D. Clover
Andrew A. Cody
Krista A. Denvit
Dianna M. Deyoung
Clautilde V. Dixon
Ryanne E. Doherty
Kelly S. Dube
Kenneth A. Evans
Casey J. Ferguson
Ashley N. Fisch
livia N. Forrester
Joni L. Galbreath
Sydney L. Garland
Lindsay A. Gear
Hannah M. Glos
Christian Gonzalez
Lydia B. Gonzalez
Jenna N. Grish
Tiffany N. Guerra
Matthew J. Ledsome
Brianne E. Majewski
Jessica A. Marshall
Michelle E. Mc Norton
Robert A. Morales
Stefanie M. Nanney
Kenneth L. Nolan
Andrew Oh
Keith E. O’Quinn
Christina P. Panozzo
Jennifer M. Paulson
Alexandra J. Pavlinac
Adam E. Petyo
Ashley M. Pezan
Karla M. Prado
Eric R. Premil
Veronica Ramirez
Aaron N. Ratigan
Alexandra K. Rodriguez
Robert A. Schroeder
Lee D. Sheehan
Richard T. Sneed
Jennifer L. Stone
Robert B. Taggart
Felicia M. Tatgenhorst
Nina N. Thamthong
Donald J. VanderWal
Mark R. Woolum
Matthew M. Zmierski
Jennifer L. Edwards
Michael S. Kehle
Nel O. Orgel
Kari A. Ricard
Amber J. Robinson
Hannah M. Vallangeon
Beau D. Tauber
Rolling Prairie
Alexander M. Buchanan
Stacey R. Holmes
Alexander S. MacLeod
Sarah E. Maddox
Jeremy W. Smith
Nicklaus M. Smith
Tyler S. Ward
Saint John
Jeffrey W. Elzinga
San Pierre
Tara N. Andrews
Caitlyn D. Hubbard
Henry E. Thoreson
Birgitta Nyman
Andrew T. Booth
South Bend
David E. Cardimen
Cecelia R. Dockemeyer
Ashley M. Dominiack
Carissa A. Gee
Troy Harnish
Andrew J. Nagle
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PNC Community Engagement Earns Carnegie Foundation Honors

Purdue University North Central was recently recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for its ongoing commitment to community engagement. The Foundation announced that 240 institutions received the 2015 Community Engagement Classification, an honor PNC earned in 2010 alongside 121 other institutions, bringing the total number of Community Engaged institutions to 361.

The Carnegie Foundation has offered this distinction since 2006 and is based on voluntary participation by institutions. The Carnegie Foundation honors institutions where teaching, learning and scholarship engage faculty, students and community in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration. Purdue North Central was recognized for addressing community-identified needs, deepening students’ civic and academic learning, enhancing community well-being, and enriching the institution.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by the Carnegie Foundation. Purdue North Central continues to maintain a strong commitment to community involvement and service learning. Through the years it has become a way of life for us,” said PNC Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin. “Most of our faculty, students and staff have at some point been involved in some way. Our activities range from individual volunteer events to class or group undertakings and campus-wide events. These activities help build a commitment to volunteerism and community service in our students that they will build on throughout their lives.”

PNC is among 15 Indiana institutions earning the Community Engagement Classification, they are: Anderson University; Ball State University; Butler University; Indiana State University; Indiana University Bloomington; Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne; Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Marian University; Purdue University West Lafayette; Saint Mary’s College; Taylor University; University of Indianapolis,; University of Notre Dame and University of Southern Indiana.

“The importance of this elective classification is borne out by the response of so many campuses that have demonstrated their deep engagement with local, regional, national and global communities,” said John Saltmarsh, director of the New England Resource Center for Higher Education, the agency serving as Carnegie’s administrative partner for the Community Engagement Classification process. “These campuses are improving teaching and learning, producing research that makes a difference in communities and revitalizing their civic and academic missions.”

PNC Faculty Members Earn Campus Compact Grant

Purdue University North Central faculty members Sarah White, continuing lecturer of English and Dr. Bethany Lee, continuing lecturer of English, have earned an Indiana Campus Compact Scholarship of Engagement Grant to work with their student on their on the “Preserving Oral Histories: A Service-Learning Project.”

Students working on this project are enrolled in the PNC Introduction to Creative Writing; Introduction to Professional Writing; Introduction to Poetry Writing; Introduction to Nonfiction Writing and Business Writing. They will interview residents of the Rittenhouse Senior Living Center in Michigan City, giving the residents the opportunity to share their stories and recollections to capture the personal and the collective community history of Northwest Indiana, particularly LaPorte County.

This project is designed to bring the generations together to listen to each other and learn from each other, helping to make a more cohesive and healthy community overall. English classes make a natural fit for preserving the stories of the aged population in order to enrich and deepen the stories PNC students are eager to tell. Joining PNC writing students with Rittenhouse Senior Living residents will allow students to develop practical skills while conducting interviews with residents; helping students understand community responsibility through storytelling and give the residents the opportunity to share their stories and experiences.

The students will use the information gathered in their interviews and meetings with the Rittenhouse residents to produce various creative projects that will include creative nonfiction pieces, dramatic monologues, and personal poems.

A group of students along with White and Lee will host a community celebration to present several of the final creative pieces to the residents of Rittenhouse in the form of a collective final piece. This final piece will “grow” organically based on what the students participating in the project create during the semester.

The Scholarship of Engagement Grant focuses on integrating service learning into new or existing courses or community based research, or provides professional service that engages faculty, students and community organizations in reciprocal community-campus partnerships. Through this and other programs, Indiana Campus Compact serves as a catalyst for campuses and communities to improve people’s lives through service-learning and civic engagement initiatives, supporting higher education’s efforts to develop students into well-informed, engaged citizens.

PNC Offers “Write Better, Write Now” Seminar for High School Students

The Purdue University North Central Office of Graduate and Extended Learning, Department of English and Modern Languages and PNC’s Writing Center will collaborate to offer a non-credit seminar for high school students who would like to quickly improve their writing at Purdue North Central – Porter County at 600 Vale Park Road North in Valparaiso.

The single-night seminar, “Write Better, Write Now” will be taught by Dr. Steven D. Vivian, director of PNC Writing Center and linguistics expert. The hands-on seminar will center on improving prose clarity by better understanding sentence structure and by strengthening editing skills.

The program will meet on Monday, Feb. 2 from 4 to 6 p.m. The registration fee is $25 per student. The registration deadline is Jan. 28 by 4 p.m. Registration includes all materials, pizza and beverages.

To register or obtain further information about this program or to register, visit or contact Cassandra Boehlke, coordinator of Graduate and Extended Learning, at (219) 785 5748, or

Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Boehlke.

PNC Books in a Blanket – English Honor Society Gives Back

Image of Books in a Blanket

Left to right are Hayley Morris, Aaron Ratigan, Dr. Jane Rose, Chrystal Ziegler, and Karen Bjonback

Purdue University North Central student members of the Alpha Mu Pi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society recently completed their annual service project. This year they collected books and blankets for children in need and titled the project “Books in a Blanket.”

Headed by Dr. Jane Rose, chapter sponsor and PNC associate professor of English, the community service project served to encourage reading and literacy by giving books to as many children in need as possible.

With items purchased by members of Alpha Mu Pi and the chapter, the English honor society members were able to prepare book and blanket combination presents for 24 families. Each package contained two books.

Students present to aid in the creation of the gifts were project organizer and chapter president Chrystal Ziegler, chapter secretary Hayley Morris and members Karen Bjonback and Aaron Ratigan.

“I think this is a great opportunity to give back to the community,” said Ratigan. “Being able to give children an opportunity to open a book and learn is something that will warm anyone’s heart.”

The books wrapped in blankets are being donated to charities for distribution to families in the Northwest Indiana region.

Through service projects like these, PNC is able to show its support for the arts and education. Honor society members hope that children will appreciate the books and enjoy reading them as much as they enjoyed wrapping them as gifts.