PNC Announces Tuition Discount Program

Purdue University North Central students will soon have the opportunity to reduce the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree thanks to a new tuition discount plan.  Beginning in the Fall 2014 semester, PNC students will receive a 10 percent rate reduction for each credit hour taken beyond 12 hours per semester. The discount plan is designed to provide financial incentives for students to increase the number of credit hours taken each semester and encourage them to graduate in four years.

Last Fall, PNC students averaged a campus record 12 credit hours for the semester.  Even though average course load is trending in a positive direction, it is important for students to understand that completing 12 credit hours each semester means that they will need 10 semesters, or five years, to complete a typical 120 credit hour bachelor’s degree. By comparison, a student who earns 15 credit hours each semester will complete the degree in four years, save more than $500 under the new discount plan and enter their chosen profession sooner.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for PNC students,” said Dr. James B. Dworkin, PNC chancellor. “If students take just one additional three-hour class each semester, they will not only save a significant sum of money, but they will graduate on time to enter their careers a year earlier and start earning the income that comes with earning a Purdue University degree. This tuition discount program will help to keep our PNC students on their path to success.”

A recent report issued by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education noted that students who delay completing their degrees pay more tuition dollars and lose potential wages and career opportunities.

Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education noted, “Earning an on-time degree will always be the best and most affordable path to college graduation.”

PNC LaPorte County Academic Super Bowl Winners

LaPorte High School Academic Super Bowl Team

LaPorte High School’s Academic Super Bowl Team: Front Row: Chandler Watson, Taylor Jump, James Austin, Hannah Lawrence, Bree Winter, David Toth, Brandon Counter, Scott Urbanski
Back Row: Tristen Manuszak, Joey Tomal, Charlie Williams, Sarah Kirschbaum, Bethany Eyrick, Luke Vasilarakos, Brayan Salgado, Justin Vega, Austin Bohlin

Purdue University North Central recently hosted the sixth annual LaPorte County Senior Academic Super Bowl Open Invitational that drew teams from throughout Northwest Indiana.

The competition concluded with the team from North White High School taking first place. Second place went to the team of Home Scholars representing students from LaPorte, Porter and Lake Counties; third place went to the team  from LaPorte High School.

The competition theme was “Westward Expansion, 1783-1900”. Students competed in six subject areas – English, science, fine arts, social studies, math and interdisciplinary.

The winners in each round were:

English – third place – Home Scholars; second – North White; first – LaPorte

Science – third place – LaCrosse; second – North White, first – LaPorte

Fine Arts – third place – North White; second – Home Scholars; first – Elkhart Christian

Social Studies – third place – North White; second – Marquette; first – Home Scholars

Math – third place – LaPorte; second – Elkhart Christian; first –North White

Interdisciplinary – third place – Elkhart Christian; second – LaCrosse; first – North White

Super Bowl competition in Indiana is a part of the Indiana Association of School Principals, Department of Student Programs. This unique inter-scholastic academic competition program allows Indiana’s senior high, junior, middle and elementary school students an opportunity to compete in academics similar to an athletic contest. The academic competitions encourage academic achievement by offering participants recognition and reward by honoring intellectual achievement, academic competition celebrating scholarship.


PNC Porter County Academic Super Bowl Winners

Purdue University North Central hosted an Academic Super Bowl Invitational competition for Porter County students on Wednesday, March 5 on the PNC Westville campus.

Competition included teams from eight of the nine Porter County High Schools competing in their seventh annual competition. Participating schools were: Chesterton High School, Hebron High School, Kouts High School, Morgan Township High School, Portage High School, Valparaiso High School, Washington Township High School and Wheeler High School.

Students competed in six subject areas – science, math, English, social studies, fine arts and interdisciplinary.

The team of students representing Chesterton High School took first place overall.

The Porter County winners in each round were:

English  – third –Portage; second – Chesterton; first – Washington Township

Science – third – Valparaiso; second – Chesterton; first – Morgan Township

Fine Arts – third – Wheeler; second – Valparaiso; first –Chesterton

Social Studies – third place – Valparaiso; second – Hebron; first – Chesterton

Math – third – Portage; second – Wheeler; first – Chesterton

Interdisciplinary – third – Wheeler; second – Washington Township; first – Chesterton.

Super Bowl competition in Indiana is a part of the Indiana Association of School Principals, Department of Student Programs. This unique inter-scholastic academic competition program allows Indiana’s senior high, junior, middle and elementary school students an opportunity to compete in academics similar to an athletic contest. The academic competitions encourage academic achievement by offering participants recognition and reward by honoring intellectual achievement, academic competition celebrating scholarship.

PNC Students Present Papers at Conferences

Two Purdue University North Central graduating seniors in the Department of English and Modern Languages have been selected to present at papers at prestigious conferences.

Kiley Snyder, an English major from LaPorte, has been invited to the Weber State National Undergraduate Conference in Ogden, Utah, where she will present her paper “Poe’s ‘The Black Cat’:  The Narrator’s Intrinsic Duel between His Head and Heart.”

Kristen Bird-Sheldon, an English major from New Buffalo, Mich., recently returned from the 2014 Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society Convention In Savannah, Ga., where she presented her paper “Flagrant Transgressor, Capitola Black’s Subversion.”

Dr. Jane Rose, PNC associate professor of English, is faculty mentor to both students.

Video of Feb. 26 Open Forum Available

View the video of the February 26, 2014 Chancellor’s Open Forum held at PNC

PNC 8th Annual Early Childhood Conference is April 26

The Purdue University North Central 8th Annual Early Childhood Conference, “Cooking Up Quality” will be Saturday, April 26.

The conference will provide high-quality professional development for the region’s early childhood community. Quality teachers are a critical ingredient for strengthening programs, families and children and this conference presents a superior training opportunity for the adults who work with children and families who desire to provide support necessary for children to succeed.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. and includes a continental breakfast.

The keynote speaker will be Jim Aylesworth who tells his stories with generous doses of loud sounds, rhythms and rhymes. His teaching career taught him that these are the elements children like in a story — especially when it is being read aloud.

Aylesworth’s experiences as a teacher gave him an appreciation for children’s books. He believes that books help children learn and is amazed how a good book will make a room full of children sit and pay attention. Aylesworth wanted to be a bigger part of this world of children’s stories and decided to write his own books. His first work, “Hush Up!,” was published in 1980. Knowing the types of books children like, he has since published “Hanna’s Hog” “Hickory Dickory Doc” and “Old Black Fly.”

In addition, there will be a variety of breakout sessions throughout the day for participants to learn about current research and best practices in early childhood education.  The breakouts sessions include the Environment; Music; Early Interventions; Parenting and Teaching. Visit for detailed breakout session and speaker information.

The conference concludes with a family event from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. featuring the “Sizzling Fajitas.” This kid-friendly band presents a lively show of interactive songs with musical/cooking instruments children can take home. This one-hour comedy show and concert, “Cooking Up Beats” will have kids and kids at heart laughing, singing along, dancing and — keeping a beat. Playing together for 10 years, Sizzling Fajitas is led by current teachers and part-time musical chefs affectionately known as Dave Con Carne and Dave Ala Mode.

The conference fee is $60 for those who register before March 28. The fee includes a box lunch and entrance to the Family Fun Time Event. The fee is $70 for registration completed after March 29 and there is no guarantee of lunch. A group rate of $55 per person is available for groups of five or more registering by March 28.

Tickets for the Family Fun Time Event only are $3 each.

Cancellations received on or before March 28 will be fully refunded. Cancellations received after March 28 but before April 6 will be subject to a $25 service charge. After April 6 cancellations are subject to the full conference fee.

Further information about the conference may be obtained by visiting the PNC Graduate and Extended Learning website at

Registration for individual attendees can be completed online at:

The regular mail-in registration form and the group rate registration form are both available to be downloaded on the above website. These forms can be faxed, scanned and emailed, or mailed in.

Contact the Graduate and Extended Learning  office at 785-5200, ext  5343 or mail The fax number to return completed registration forms is (219) 785-5418.

Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact ext. 5343.

Purdue Calumet, North Central Campuses to Prepare Plan for Administrative Unification

Purdue University is moving forward with the preparation of a plan that would unify the administration of the university’s two northwest Indiana campuses.

The effort stems from a joint proposal by chancellors Thomas Keon of Purdue University Calumet and James Dworkin of Purdue University North Central to collaborate on a detailed implementation plan for presentation later this year. The plan will preserve the two existing campuses, which are only 35 miles apart, but administrative and academic oversight functions would be consolidated into one central office.

“The chancellors’ joint proposal reflects Purdue’s continued emphasis on administrative cost savings to promote student affordability and accessibility,” said Thomas Spurgeon, chair of Purdue’s Board of Trustees. “We appreciate the initiative and the creativity of our two excellent chancellors in bringing this idea forward. The funds liberated by eliminating duplication and combining purchasing power can be reinvested in new faculty and stronger academic programs. Purdue is proud of these two campuses, and we believe they can serve an even greater future role in the economic and cultural life of their region.”

Dworkin said, “Both campuses already have many strengths, but by working together closely we will be able to create an even stronger presence in the many communities which we serve. In the final analysis, we will be better able to serve our students, which should always be our highest priority.”

Keon agreed, saying shared administrative oversight would strengthen both institutions and the entire area.

“Northwest Indiana is ready for a more enriched Purdue University with strong academic programs, strong faculty and quality students to enhance the community and economic development,” he said. “By investing administrative costs in faculty, students and programs, we can build an ‘expanded’ vision of educational excellence for the region that will endure for years.”

PNC Summer/Fall 2013 Graduates

Click the link below for a list of the summer/fall 2013 PNC graduates :

PNC Sets Record For Spring Enrollment

Purdue University North Central has enrolled a spring semester record 5,768 students, who are enrolled in a spring semester record 52,105 credit hours.

The PNC enrollment includes 3,237 core undergraduate students, 38 graduate students and 2,493 students in the Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit program.

This spring, PNC enrolled a spring-semester record 2,528 bachelor’s degree-seeking students in its 24 bachelor’s degree programs.

“We welcome our spring semester students to Purdue University North Central. Our growing student population is a clear sign that students know that they will receive a quality education at PNC and that they will earn a Purdue degree that will help open the door to a satisfying, rewarding career,” said PNC Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin. “The ever-increasing number of students in the Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit program is a clear indication that students want to get a jump on their degrees and are committed to finishing their degrees on time.”

The Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit program allows high-achieving high school students the opportunity to earn PNC credits while in high school. It continues to be an extremely popular option for students in 42 high schools in Porter, LaPorte, Lake, Starke and other Northwest Indiana counties. This spring enrollment grew to 2,493 students who are enrolled in 13,132 credit hours.

Students enrolled in the Dual Credit Program will enter college with the credit hours that they earned in high school and will already have a head start on their college education. Generally, these students will be able to graduate sooner and accumulate less debt.

There are 38 graduate students pursuing their Master’s of Business Administration degrees at PNC – Porter County.

More information about becoming a student at PNC can be obtained by visiting the campus Web site at or by calling 785-5200, ext. 5505.

PNC Baseball Player Signs Contract

2013 PNC Panther baseball player, Spencer Anderson recently signed a contract with the Normal Cornbelters of the Frontier League.  Read the story here: