PNC Concurrent Enrollment Program Receives Grant

The Purdue University North Central Concurrent Enrollment Program has been awarded a grant from Indiana Commission for Higher Education that will aid PNC in developing graduate level-courses for high school instructors teaching PNC Concurrent Enrollment courses in area high schools.

The PNC Concurrent Enrollment program allows qualifying high school juniors and seniors who attend participating schools to earn college credits for selected upper-level classes taught by qualified high school teachers, in in their own schools, during the regular school day.

The grant will help PNC create online graduate courses in specific disciplines that will enable high school teachers to become certified by the PNC to teach university-level courses in their high school Concurrent Enrollment classes.

“This grant will help ensure that academic rigor and university-chosen resources are used in the classroom by both the instructors and students,” said Patrick Cannon, PNC academic coordinator for the Concurrent Enrollment Program.” We currently serve more than 3,000 students in more than 40 Northwest Indiana high schools. It is important for us to constantly be looking at new ways to improve communication and course content via technology. Literally thousands of current and future high schools students will benefit from this program for years to come.”

A second aspect of the grant addresses the need to provide quality curricular content to the high school teachers and to assist them in every way possible as they develop and deliver their Concurrent Enrollment courses.

As Cannon explained, “For each of the more than 40 courses we offer, we will create online content to enrich and compliment what the teachers are doing in the classroom. We envision sharing PNC campus lectures, instructional videos and content research that teachers can use in their high school classrooms.”

These grant-funded programs will be implemented during a 24-month period.

Information about the PNC Concurrent Enrollment Program can be obtained by calling 219-785-5505 or by visiting