PNC Students Recognized for Achievements

Purdue University North Central students have earned a number of honors in recent weeks. Awards were presented to:

Club of the Year – Delta Sigma Science Club

Leadership award – Melvin Guinn

Member of the Year – Stefanie Rigg

Club Advisor of the Year – Dr. Vanessa Quinn

American Sign Language Excellence Awards- Amber Mayes, Madeline Conner

Business Leadership Society Member Recognition – Brooke Maddack, Melvin Guinn, Kimberly Franklin, Graham Bucher

Outstanding Future Educators – Courtney Barber, Sara Hernandez, Ashley Solano, Sandra Downs

Panther News Network Writer Recognition Awards – Jacey Coppage, Alan Myszkowski, Bob Johnson, Ryan Stitchcomb, Aaron Ratigan.

JM2 Webdesigners Scholarship – Sam Swanson

Circle K Awards

President-   Miranda Jordan;

Vice President- Halle Charlebois

Secretary- Cody Grzelak

Treasurer- Emily Marovich

Member receiving a pin- Jasmine Moore

Frank Newman Civic Fellow – Matthew Migliorini

Diversity Initiative Grant Recognition – American Sign Language Club

Outstanding Future Educator Awards – Courtney Barber, Sara Hernandez, Ashley Solano, Sandra Downs

Outstanding Teacher Award:

College of Engineering and Technology – Samuel Rohr

College of Liberal Arts — Heather Fielding

Part-Time Teaching Awards:

College of Business – James Mandeville

College of Engineering – Wangling Yu

College of Liberal Arts – James Hysell

College of Science – Constance Barr

Student Government 2013-2014 recognition


Kenny Evans

Katie Hines

Travis Ziegler

Summer Stockwell

Felicia Bell

Tyler Feece

Halle Charlebois


President- Greg Mohlke

Vice President- Kathryn Orr

Secretary- Grace Houser

Treasurer- Anneliese Kieper

Student Government 2014-2015


Travis Ziegler

Halle Charlebois

Jamie Dillon

Jessica Miller

Emily Marovich

Miranda Jordan


President- Matthew Migliorini

Vice President- Grace Houser

Secretary- Anneliese Kieper

Treasurer- Tyler Feece

All food that was left over from the event was donated to the St. Paul Men’s Shelter in Michigan City.