PNC Announces Hyde Park Forum and Speak-Off Winners

31st Hyde Park Speak-Off Winners

31st Hyde Park Forum Speak-Off winners: Summer Stockwell, second place, Sharon Coleman, first place, Rick Hoagland, third place.

The 31st  Purdue University North Central Hyde Park Forum Public Speaking Contest concluded with Sharon Coleman of Michigan City, being named winner of the “Speak-Off” competition.

The Hyde Park Forum brings together PNC students who present short speeches on various topics of current interest. Many participants are students in PNC’s Communication 114 class.

Speak-Off winner Coleman gave the speech “Whatever It Takes” based on the “whatever it takes mentality in society.” Second place went to Summer Stockwell, of Westville, who shared the message “The Costly Lottery” about college education and In third place was Rick Hoagland, of Valparaiso, with “A Movement for Improvement” based on volunteering.

The Speak-Off competitors earned individual first-place finishes in the Hyde Park Forum competition, which earned them the opportunity to compete in the Speak-Off.

Overall second place Hyde Park Forum winners were – John Beutner, Michigan City, with “The Benefits Of A Flat Tax;” Maria Elena Miller, Michigan City, with “Time Management and Stress Relief in Your Life;” Lillianna Pollnow, Michigan City, with “Creating a World of Confident Women.”

Overall third place Hyde Park Forum winners were – Sarah Messenger,  Michigan City, with “Why Should You Drink More Water,” Salam Khatib, Valparaiso, “Catch Up On Your zzzs;” Rebecca Spevak, LaPorte, “Benefits of Drug Court.”

The Hyde Park Forum and Speak-Off are loosely based on London’s Hyde Park, a public gathering place for speakers who wish to state their minds. Hyde Park has gained prominence as a reference to freedom of speech and intriguing speaking.