PNC Math Club Presentation on Sept. 23

The Purdue University North Central Math Club will host its first presentation of the semester, on Monday, Sept. 23, at noon in Schwarz Hall, Room 319. The event is free and open to the public. Guests may bring a lunch or purchase one in the PNC cafeteria on the ground floor of the Library-Student-Faculty Building on campus.

Dr. Alain Togbe, PNC professor of Mathematics and Math Club faculty advisor, will the number of solutions of a family of Diophantine inequalities. He will explore what is a Thue equation and what is a linear form in logarithms. He will discuss that recently, using linear forms in logarithms, C. Levesque and M. Waldschmidt studied the effective bounds for the solutions of families of cubic Thue equations and will recall their result and give an effective bound for the number of solutions a family of quartic Diophantine inequalities.

The PNC Math Club encourages persons of all interests who have a curiosity about Math to attend and learn more. Non-Math majors are welcomed. Questions are encouraged.

The Math Club meets throughout the academic year and sponsors discussions and informational presentations on various aspects of mathematics and related fields. All events are open to the public.

Additional information about this event may be obtained by contacting Togbe, at  785-5200 ext. 5458 or Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Togbe.