Renowned Scottish Sculptor to Bring “The Kelpies” to PNC

 Kelpies at Grant Park ChicagoPurdue North Central is hosting an exhibit of “The  Kelpies,” a ten-foot model of  two  horse heads being constructed in Scotland by world-renowned sculptor, Andy  Scott.  Scott, a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, is known  internationally for his welded steel technique, combining traditional methods  and contemporary fabrication. Many of his works have been commissioned for  public venues, and can be seen at Leeds, England; Belfast, Ireland; Byron Bay,  Australia; as well as Edinburgh and Glasgow Harbor in Scotland.

The full-scale Kelpies stand about 100 feet tall and will be  on display next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Scotland. These dramatic  kelpies reflect Scott’s love of the horse, often a subject of his works, and  have been commissioned to highlight a parkland regeneration project.

The kelpie name comes from Scottish mythological water  spirits. The breed is a strong working horse, an ancestor of our iconic  Clydesdale.

The remarkable exhibit is coming to  PNC directly from its year-long display  as part of the “2012-13 Chicago Parks Outdoor  Sculpture Exhibition” on the grounds of Chicago’s Field Museum. After its  appearance there it was scheduled to move to New York City for a major  exhibition, but a scheduling problem surfaced. This made it possible for PNC to  display the sculpture until a large steel hauler will deliver it to its New  York venue in the spring

“The Kelpies” will arrive at the PNC campus on August 22 and  will be on exhibit until mid-March. The sculptures are just one of many new  pieces that will be part of the PNC 15th Odyssey Sculpture Exhibition which  debuts on October 19.

Information about  this exhibit or the Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series may be obtained by  contacting Judy Jacobi, PNC assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Campus  Relations, at 785-5200, ext. 5593.

The traveling exhibit is sponsored by Creative Scotland and  Visit Scotland .