PNC Adds New Bachelor’s Degree in Health Studies

The Indiana Commission for Higher  Education (ICHE) has granted approval to Purdue University North Central to  offer a Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies. Students will have the opportunity  to enroll in the Health Studies program this fall semester. Fall semester  classes begin Aug. 26.

Purdue North Central  now offers its students 24 baccalaureate programs.

“The  new Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies presents a tremendous career option to  students who wish to pursue careers in the health care industry,” said PNC  Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin.  “There  are many professional opportunities available in health care, with many more to  come. Students earning a Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies will be well  positioned to pursue relevant, stable, fulfilling careers.”

The Health Studies degree  is appropriate for those students who wish to work in a health-related career,  but do not want to pursue Nursing. The types of jobs available include care  coordinator and medical and health services manager, Graduates will be well  prepared to pursue master’s degrees in health and human services programs. There  is a two-year degree completion track for those with an associate degree in  Nursing or allied health who wish to move into management positions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  projects employment in health services to increase 25 percent through 2018,  adding about 2.8 million new jobs. In Indiana, there is a 28.7 percent  projected growth rate.

Health  care is the fastest growing industry in Northwest Indiana, states an Inside  Indiana Business report. Of the five largest industries in this region, two are  in health: ambulatory health care services and hospitals. Locally, the  Indiana Workforce Development Agency projects the health care profession growth  rates to range from 10.8 to 28.9 percent.

Further information about  the Health Studies degree and becoming at student at PNC may be obtained by  contacting Enrollment Services at 785-5200, ext. 5505.