Students Mix Art with Science in STEM Summer Camp @ PNC, 2013

PNC STEM Group with Breeze Keeper

PNC STEM Camp students with “Breeze Keeper”

The  area students taking part in the Purdue University North Central STEM Summer  Camp @ PNC, 2013 are gaining a first-hand look at how Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics (the STEM disciplines) are vital to their lives and a  fundamental component of most everything they do.

The six-week  camp brings young people, ages six to 12, to the PNC campus as part of the  summer programming for the La Porte County Coalition of Youth Serving Agencies (YSA)  including Imagination Station, Boys and Girls Club, Michigan City Parks and  Recreation, Safe Harbor and Barker Woods. The camp’s primary underwriter is 21st  Century Community Learning Centers grant.

Each group  travels to PNC one morning a week for six weeks, with each week featuring a  different theme exploring a different aspect of the STEM disciplines. With the  entire PNC campus serving as a classroom, PNC faculty, staff and local  professionals serve as instructors, presenting age-appropriate learning activities  for the students. For many, the camp represents their first opportunity to  visit to a college campus.

The camp includes  this week’s activity, “Kinetic Art: Making Mobiles” with Holly Beadles, an art  Instructor with the Michigan City Area Schools. NIPSCO is sponsoring this week’s  activities.
Beadles centers  her activities on learning about kinetic art and how wind interacts with it.  Students will make a mobile using wire, card stock and some other things.  They will study examples of artist Alexander  Calder’s work.

The newly  installed sculpture, “Breeze Keeper,” by Christine Rojek will be used as  another example of how winds and nature can be incorporated into art.  |

The STEM camp  activities provide an exceptional week of learning by highly qualified  instructors on a college campus.   Learning experiences such as these change lives.  Through its sponsorship, NIPSCO has helped to  enrich the lives of the participating children.

The camp curricula also features:
Dr. Kumara Jayasuriya, associate vice  chancellor for Academic Affairs and associate professor of Mathematics, leading  campers through “Fun with Numbers.”
Dr. Diane Spoljoric, PNC associate  professor of Nursing, with “Healthy Choices for Life.”
Jerry DeGroot, PNC continuing lecturer in  Mathematics, with “Humerus Metric Measurements & a Few Good Belly Graphs.”
Joan Wisniewski, president of the Potawatomi  Audubon Society, and members of the Potawatomi Audubon Society will present  “Tree Structure.”
Dr. Aaron Warren, PNC associate professor of  Physics, with “Stars and Galaxies.”