PNC 12th Anniversary Odyssey Sculpture Show Debuts

Purdue University North Central celebrates the 12th anniversary of its Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series with a public opening and reception of its multi-piece contemporary sculpture exhibit on Saturday, Oct. 23, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall, Room 02.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m., there will be welcoming remarks by PNC Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin and Judy Jacobi, assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Community Relations, along with comments from the sculptors and artists. Refreshments will be served.

The Odyssey 2010 –2011 exhibit includes eight new pieces bringing the total to 36 sculptures that grace the 268-acre campus of the PNC Westville campus and PNC – Porter County, 600 Vale Park Road in Valparaiso.

S. Thomas Scarff, in his 12th year as curator of the PNC Odyssey sculpture exhibits, remarks, “The Odyssey series is a tremendous asset to Purdue North Central and to our community. We are fortunate to have this beautiful outdoor sculpture installation – the largest in the area. Each year we bring together beautiful, dynamic, thought-provoking pieces from notable emerging and established artists. I invite everyone to come out to enjoy this unique exhibition and get to know these breathtaking works of art.”

The Odyssey Cultural Series also includes a number of events throughout the year, including exhibits of art, film showings and presentations.

PNC continues as the home of the artwork of noted 20 th century artist, George Sugarman. This collection includes sculptures, a variety of framed paintings and a tribute wall of 35 framed works, a montage of photographs depicting the artist and his biography. These are on display in the Library Odyssey Gallery on the second floor of the LSF Building.

PNC has loaned a number of pieces from the Sugarman collection to the Porter County Visiting Nurses Association in Valparaiso. Sixty-four large acrylics, collages and lithographs grace offices, hallways, meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms. The sculpture, Earth Bird, resides in the board room. A tour can be arranged by contacting the VNA at 219-462-5195.

Sculptors who will debut works as part of Odyssey 2010 – 11 are:

Joseph Colosi – “San Pier Niceto,” is a sculpture made of corten steel, tumbled granite, paint and metal halide lighting. Colosi explains this piece was inspired by his recent trip to his ancestral town in Sicily, San Pier Niceto. The piece is 15-feet tall, 4-feet wide and 3-feet deep and fabricated from 1 inch corten steel. Its pattern was taken directly from the inside of the trunk that carried his great-grandparent’s possessions to America.

Dusty Folwarczny – “Give,” a 14-foot by 14-foot by 5-foot sculpture made of salvaged steel and polymer. This brightly colored interactive sculpture which explores the act of giving can be described as a transfer of energy from one person to another. Viewers are welcomed inside to experience its mass. Once inside one may interact with it, push against it, whisper in the right spot and it is carried to the other side of this arch.

Michael L. Grucza – “BOING!,” this sculpture of steel plate with catalyzed polyurethane paint was inspired by Grucza’s interest in using steel in unexpected structural ways with simple bends, as a child might do with a sheet of paper and by his love of bold use of color. This 8-foot by 8-foot by 11-foot sculpture invites people to explore its visual, tactile, acoustic and architectural elements. When touched or pulled, the spirals produce a subtle ‘BOING!’ sound.

Richard Kiebdaj – “Owl and Pussycat,” this 11-foot by 5-foot by 5-foot piece is made of steel with macropoxy paint. It pays homage to Edward Lear, best known for his children’s poems and limericks and an accomplished artist as well. His cat and trusted companion, “Foss,” died in 1886, a year before Lear published “The Owl and the Pussycat.”

Michele Lanning – “Critical Mass,” a 4-foot tall sculpture made out of No. 2 pencils and wood. Lanning explains, “In working with different scales and mediums I am involved in exploring objects and our relationship with them. By exploiting and layering our associations to materials and objects, I seek to expand our conventional understandings to convey an alternative attachment.”

Travis Lanning – “Progression” is a bronze sculpture measuring 7-feet by 4-feet by 1.5-feet. It is a combination of the forms and textures of both bricks and LEGO pieces. This was inspired by his impression that brick structures reminded him of the countless, childhood hours spent playing with LEGOs.

Brian Monaghan – “Untitled” is made of painted curved steel beams stands 15 feet tall. Placement of its beams appear to give it a random design. It is not random at all. Untitled, represents an aspect of our time and harkens back to abstract expressionism in a three-dimensional form.

Jason Verbeek – “Dragonfly,” is a 10-foot by 25-foot by 25-foot sculpture of carbon steel and polished stainless steel depicting a dragonfly chained to a 6-foot mound of dirt, pulling up the earth to reveal wetlands. By pulling it up, a pool is created around this mound. The plants used in this piece – turf grass, wetland plants like Cardinal Flower, pickerel, bulrush, common arrowhead, swamp milkweed and native sedges – are recycled from Red Mill Pond, near PNC, where Verbeek is doing a job for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Existing Odyssey pieces are:

John Adduci – Running Arch, Odysseus

Michele Goldstrom – Oh!

Mike Helbing –Victory at Samothrace

Preston Jackson – Haints + History, Travels of My Seven Sisters

Kara James – Handmade Revolution, Tongue Highway

Terry Karpowicz – Heraldic Taunt at PNC – Porter County

Dessa Kirk – Demeter

Rob Lorenson – First Gear, Sentinel

David Noguchi – Rise, at PNC – Porter County

Eric Nordgulen – Anatomy Vessel

Jason Poteet – Rumination

Fisher Stolz – Seduction

S. Thomas Scarff – Geisha Rose, Rainbow Flyer, Drive- – – By, Windfighter ; at PNC – Porter County are Light Ray, Indigo Flame

George Sugarman – A Green Field, Two Part Folding Screen and Two Blues and a Red; Earth Bird is located at the Porter County VNA

Zelda Werner – Alexander’s Circus

Bruce White – Ghostship, Twin Fin Continuum

Most works are for sale.

The Odyssey sculpture exhibit is open to the public during university hours. Visitors are encouraged to come on Thursdays and Fridays when parking is ample.

Self-guided sculpture tour maps can be downloaded at . The Web site for the Odyssey 2010-11 sculpture exhibit is Information on group tours is available by contacting Judy Jacobi, assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Community Relations at 785-5200, ext. 5593. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jacobi.