PNC 10th Anniversary Odyssey Sculpture Show Debuts

photo of Two Part Folding Screen
Two Part Folding Screen
by George Sugarman

 Purdue University North Central celebrates the 10 th anniversary of its Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series with a public opening of its multi-piece contemporary sculpture exhibit, Odyssey 2008 – 09 on Saturday, Oct. 11, at 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall Room 02. This event will feature welcoming remarks and sculptors’ comments. The program is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

The Odyssey exhibit includes 13 new sculptures bringing the total to 34 sculptures to grace that 268-acre campus of the PNC Westville campus and PNC – Porter County , 600 Vale Park Road in Valparaiso .

S. Thomas Scarff, in his 10th year as curator of the PNC Odyssey sculpture exhibits, remarks, “I am thrilled to celebrate the 10 th anniversary of Odyssey. Each year we’ve had beautiful, dynamic, thought-provoking pieces from notable emerging and established artists. The PNC Odyssey sculpture exhibit is the largest outdoor sculpture installation in the area. We are fortunate to have this here. I invite everyone to come out to enjoy this unique event .”

Many of the sculptors will begin installing their pieces on campus during the week of Oct. 6. The public is invited to visit to see the work that goes into delivering and preparing a piece for placement, as well as the actual installation. The sculptors have no timetable for their work that week, but guests are free to visit campus and browse the current Odyssey sculptures and watch any new setup activity.

The Odyssey Cultural Series also includes a number of events throughout the year, including exhibits of art, film showings and presentations.

Also debuting as part of the Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series are the works of 20 th century American artist, George Sugarman. PNC is now home to the definitive collection of Sugarman’s work featuring paintings, sculpture, photos, books and works on paper. This collection has been donated by The George Sugarman Foundation, Inc.

Selected paintings by George Sugarman and the sculpture Earth Bird will be shown in the PNC Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall, Room 02, through the end of 2008. To view this exhibit, call 219-785-5593 or 219-785-5719. Two additional sculptures and a variety of framed paintings and works on paper will be featured in the PNC Library and Odyssey Gallery on the second floor of the LSF Building . An introduction to the exhibit features 35 framed works, a montage of photographs of the artist and his biography.

The gallery is open Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Another Sugarman sculpture, Two Blues and a Red, is on display on the first floor of Schwarz Hall, adjacent to the Chancellor’s Office, Room 137.

Sculptors who will debut works as part of Odyssey 2008-09 are:

Dusty Folwarczny – Bration. This 15-foot tall sculpture is made of recycled steel and steel cable. This piece is a tribute to wind chimes. Wind and sound have been incorporated in the sculpture to help engage the viewer.

Dusty Folwarczny – Cutoff. Made of recycled steel, this is a play on the definition of cutoff in theoretical physics as the maximal or minimal value of energy, momentum or length, so that the objects with even larger or smaller values than these physical quantities are ignored.

Terrence Karpowicz – Prairie Needle. With this granite and steel sculpture, Karpowicz attempts to widen the visual playing field. The sculpture is “like a spire on the landscape.”  

Richard Kiebdaj – “ho-MA-ge.” Is an homage to renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The sculpture includes clusters of cello forms and a very large yo-yo.

Fisher Stolz – Seduction. It is made of iron and steel and represents the enticement or bait within a trap. Viewers are lured into the middle of the sculpture to feel the scale and power of the form surrounding them. Fisher Stolz – Illumination. This sculpture of aluminum, steel, granite and light makes use of recycled campus outdoor lighting. The name, Illumination, references the enlightenment that lives in institutions of higher learning.

S. Thomas Scarff – Drive-By. Composed of aluminum, metalized aluminum bronze and L.E.D. lighting, this piece explores the visual phenomena of moiré patterns – ghosting and waving. These patterns occur when driving by a lighted, static object. This is a 24 hour piece with a natural daylight effect and a completely different night effect.

Bruce White – Ghostship. This painted aluminum sculpture is a composite of memories from the artist’s childhood.

Bruce White – Twin Fin Continuum. Also made of painted aluminum, this is an organic bright red abstraction of a form evolving.

George Sugarman – Two Part Folding Screen. The work consists of two vertical pieces, created from various-colored thin aluminum sheets, cut out in a floral-like pattern. One part is largely orange and the other is multi-colored, with forms pointing upward. Sugarman created this piece in 1985.

George Sugarman – Two Blues and a Red. This 1990 sculpture made from oil-painted heavy gauge aluminum evokes power instead of delicacy. The shorter red section is cube-like, with various cut-outs including a large circle. The other section is taller, painted blue and arches away from the red section.

George Sugarman – A Green Field. Made in 1985, this is a unique multi-colored work composed of polychrome aluminum and has two separate sections of cutouts that are abstract representations of the outdoors.

George Sugarman – Earth Bird. This green and red painted steel floor piece was made in 1975. It suggests a flying creature emerging from the earth.

Existing Odyssey pieces are:

John Adduci – Running Arch

Michael Dunbar – Jendiva

Michele Goldstrom – Oh! 

Mike Helbing – Victory at Samothrace

Preston Jackson – Haints + History; Travels of My Seven Sisters

Kara James – Handmade Revolution

Dessa Kirk – Demeter

Rob Lorenson – First Gear; Sentinel

David Noguchi – Rise, at PNC – Porter County

Eric Nordgulen – Anatomy Vessel

Jason Poteet – Rumination

Christine Rojek – Rubber Tipped Crane

S. Thomas Scarff – Geisha Rose, Rainbow Flyer. At PNC – Porter County are Light Ray, Indigo Flame, Eyepiece

Jessica M. Swift – Light Time/Flight Time

Zelda Werner – Alexander’s Circus

Most works are for sale.

The Odyssey sculpture exhibit is open to the public during university hours. Visitors are encouraged to come on Thursdays and Fridays when parking is ample. Self-guided sculpture tour maps can be downloaded at The Web site for the Odyssey 2008-09 sculpture exhibit is . Information on group tours is available by contacting Judy Jacobi, assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Community Relations at 219-785-5200 ext. 5593. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jacobi.