Where Real Problems Find Academic Solutions”

Who we are…

The College of Science Interdisciplinary Center (CSIRC) is dedicated to advancing basic and applied collaborative science in Northwest Indiana, and to function as an unbiased advocate to the community.  The primary mission of CSIRC is to create an environment where a prominent institution with a broad scope of academic experts can become accessible to the regional community and help resolve important issues. As part of Indiana’s land grant institution, CSIRC can draw on the expertise in areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Nursing, Statistics, and Physics to partner with area constituencies to provide a wide variety of solutions to real issues. The center has the potential to create creative opportunities for interdisciplinary research and it is envisioned that the CSIRC will be the place “Where Real Problems Find Academic Solutions.”

What we do…

Our goal is to create research opportunities and funding for collaborative projects that have been overlooked by traditional funding mechanisms, yet which remain mutually important to PNC and the local community.  These areas include, but are not limited to:

Educational Enhancement (Program Development, Internship, Service-learning)

Ecological Issues (Habitat Analysis, Restoration, Management)

Healthcare Solutions (Research Modeling, Data Interpretation)

Statistical Analysis (Commercial and Medical Analysis)

The Endowment for the College of Science Interdisciplinary Research Center provides funding for start-up research projects and as we continue to pursue funding to increase the value of the endowment, it is envisioned that larger projects will be able to be funded.

How we do it…

CSIRC helps identify qualified, unbiased academic professionals to assist with science-related projects that are important in the community. Additionally we work with our partners to find innovative and practical ways to fund collaborative projects that advance the mission of the Center.


If you have questions about research projects, or would like to know more about our growing endowment to fund research activities, please contact the CSIRC Director, Dr. Keith Schwingendorf (219) 785-5725 kschwing@pnc.edu or the CSIRC Secretary, Christina Nevill (219) 785-5736 cnevill@pnc.edu or visit the CSIRC electronically at: