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The Mathematics/Statistics/Physics Department is housed in the College of Science at Purdue University North Central. The mission of the Department is to create and disseminate knowledge and to provide outstanding instruction in the subject areas of astronomy, earth and atmospheric science, mathematics, physics, and statistics. Study in these areas gives the foundation for further professional study in many fields as well as for employment in business and industry. We are dedicated to preparing students for success in their chosen careers or further study.

The Mathematics/Statistics/Physics Department offers upper division Mathematics, Physics and Statistics courses to students in the BS Degree Program in Secondary Education, which is housed in the Education Department. In addition, virtually every program at Purdue University North Central depends on one or more of the courses provided by the department to fulfill degree requirements. Not surprisingly then, a majority of students on campus take at least one of the many courses given in the department. Our courses are designed to also enable a student to transfer to another Purdue University campus, or other college or university, to complete a baccalaureate degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, or other related discipline.

If you enjoy math, science, and engineering, you will be challenged by the courses offered by the department. You can take advantage of the easy access to the faculty and the opportunities to work directly with faculty on independent study projects, or through mentored research programs. The department has 15 full-time and about 20 part-time faculty members. The research interests of our faculty span a broad range of specialties including number theory, algebra, graph theory, numerical analysis, physics of nanoparticles and solid state surfaces, astrophysics, theoretical and applied statistics, and mathematics and physics education.

The Mathematics/Statistics/Physics Department is housed in the Schwarz (SWRZ) Building. Over 3,500 students enroll in our courses each year and we offer Additional Faculty Help and University Teaching Assistant (UTA) services to our students. We invite you to explore our department and the Secondary Education Program further via the web links or by contacting the Department Chair.


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Mathematics/Statistics/Physics Department
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Department Chair
SWRZ 109
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