MBA Program-Student Leadership Council

Introducing the Creative Council

What is the MBA Leadership & Development Council?

The student council was established to serve our fellow MBA students of PNC through:

  • Addressing issues of interest and concern by providing a bridge between Administration/Faculty and students
  • Organize opportunities for educational, cultural, and recreational activities for MBA students including philanthropic and community activities
  • Develop an atmosphere of friendship, cooperation, and camaraderie among our colleagues enhancing the overall graduate college experience
  • Create a “Culture of Involvement” at PNC
  • Support and promote the overall reputation of Purdue North Central

The Creative Council is made up of 4 Committees:

Communications Committee

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • MBA Café
  • Succession Planning

Social Committee

  • Alumni Events
  • New Student Orientation
  • Graduation Activities
  • Recognition and Awards
  • MBA Directory

Public Relations Committee

  • Team MBA
  • Press Releases in Conjunction with PNC
  • Recruitment/Retention
  • Community Outreach/Philanthropy

Student Advocate Committee

  • Student Issues/Concerns
  • Lunch with a Leader Series
  • Interaction with Faculty/Administration
  • Constitution and Bylaws