MBA Program-Requirements and Policies


The MBA, and accelerated weekend program for working professionals, consists of three phases regardless of undergraduate degree. A total of 42 credits are required as follows:

  1. Foundation course work (12 credits)
  2. Core program (21 credits)
  3. Electives (9 credits)

Phase I: Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are designed to provide a background in fundamental managerial tools for decision making. In addition, students gain an initial exposure in the major functional areas of management.

Most topics are covered in five week segments:

  • MGMT 50010 Foundations of Financial Accounting
  • ECON 51010 Foundations of Economics and Finance
  • MGMT 52010 Foundations of Marketing
  • MGMT 53010 Foundations of Business Law
  • MGMT 67000 Business Analytics
  • MGMT 58100 Foundations of Information Technology
  • OBHR 58110 Foundations of Organizational Behavior

Phase II: The Core Program

Core courses provide the facts and decision-making skills needed to function in the general framework of business and management. Courses are as follows:

  • MGMT 60100 Managerial Accounting
  • MGMT 61200 Financial Management III
  • MGMT 62200 Marketing Strategy
  • OBHR 63300 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 66000 Operations Management
  • MGMT 67100 Quantitative Methods II
  • MGMT 65000 Strategic Management

These courses are outlined in Phase II of the program.

Phase III: Electives

A student may take any graduate-level courses in MGMT, OBHR, OLS, and ECON or in related areas as electives with the approval of the Department. A student may, with the same approval, substitute a graduate elective for a foundation course, if it is determined that the student would gain no additional benefit by taking the foundation course.

Cohort Experience and Timely Graduation

This program is based on the cohort model with the expectation that two courses will be taken each module. In order for students to graduate on time, the prescribed sequence must be followed. If students choose a part-time path or much stop out for any reason, they will need to resume study when the requisite course becomes available again. Once the sequence has been interrupted, there is no guarantee that students will graduate in a timely manner.


Since the MBA program is considered an accelerated weekend program, it is imperative that students maintain regular attendance. In addition, many of the courses incorporate teamwork, a skill that is vital for success in the workplace. Failure to attend will not only impact your grade, but will negatively affect the performance of your team as well.

Plan of Study

Upon acceptance into the program, students are required to maintain a plan of study. The Program Coordinator will assist students in the development of their plans.

Transfer of Credit

Students may transfer in up to nine credits of applicable graduate work toward their plan of study with the approval of program officials.

Program Communication

It is expected that all PNC-related correspondence be carried out via the PNC email system. Upon admittance into the program, all MBA students will have access to the “MBA Cafe” which is part of the Blackboard system. This site contains applicable policies, schedules, announcements and resources and serves as an additional notification mechanism in cases of school closures. Students are required to check the MBA Cafe regularly to keep informed of the program activities and policy changes. In addition, the MBA Cafe serves as a forum for students when issues or concerns arise.

Minimum Performance Standards

A “B” average is required by the Graduate School of Purdue University in order for a student to graduate. The Graduate School will not accept any letter grade lower than a “C”. Therefore each “C” needs to be offset by an “A.”. Grades of D and F are not acceptable.

For the MBA Program at Purdue University North Central, the following rules shall apply with respect to grades:

  • A student will be allowed a maximum of two courses with a letter grade of C. However, overall, the student must attain a B average. Students failing to maintain a B average over two consecutive modules will be subject to options outlined in #3.
  • A student may re-take up to two courses for which a C, D or F was attained. However, any one course can be taken no more than twice.
  • Upon violation of any of the Rules (1) and (2), two options are possible: (a) permanent withdrawal from the program; (b) temporary withdrawal from the program for at least one admission cycle (approximately one year). In order to be reinstated into the program, a student must retake all courses beyond the two maximum in which a C or less was originally attained. The student would be required to earn at least a B in these courses, and would be required to maintain grades for remaining courses in the program at a minimum of a B.

For more information, contact the program office at (219) 785-5557 or

Enrollment Services
Purdue North Central
1401 S. US Hwy 421
Westville, IN 46391
(219) 785-5505
Fax: (219) 785-5538