What do you need to check out books?
A student ID would be preferred, but you can use a current driver’s license or state ID.

What if the library doesn’t have a book or article I need?
You have 2 options;
  1) You can sign up for ILLiad (http://www.pnc.edu/ls/illiad/), and request the item (course books cannot be requested);
  2) You can get an ALI card (Academic Libraries of Indiana card) that can be used at most university libraries in Indiana (see a library staff member for more information).

Can I access the library’s website off campus?
Yes, all current student, staff and faculty members can access the library’s website off campus. At the prompt, enter in your PNC username and password.

Where can I return library materials?
You can return library materials at the front desk when the library is open. If the library is closed there is a drop box right outside the library entrance.

How many books can you check out at a time?
We do not have limits, you can checkout as many books as you would like.

Does the library have copies of all the textbooks?
No, we only have a small selection of the current textbooks.

Can you check out class/course books?
No, the class books we do have cannot leave the library. They may be borrowed for one hour for use in the library only.

My instructor put a book/video/CD on reserve. Where do I get it?
All reserve materials are held at the circulation desk.

Can I renew my books? How?
In most cases, the answer is “Yes.” All you have to do is call the library (219-785-5248) and let the library staff know you want to renew your books. If you are on campus, request a renewal with the staff at the Circulation/Guest desk in the library.  Reserve books cannot be renewed, if others have requested the book. If no one else requests the book within two days, then you may check out the item again.

Where can I print something off?
We have a small computer room here in the library, located in LSF 243, with a printer.

Does the library’s computer room have a scanner?
No, the library’s computer room does not have a scanner, but the main Computer Lab in TECH 265 has one.

Does the library have a color printer?
No, the library’s computer room does not have a color printer, but the main Computer Lab in TECH 265 has one.

Does the library have a fax machine? Is there a fee?
Yes, it’s located behind the front desk you can ask the library staff for assistance.
Yes, there is a small fee.
Sending a fax is 10₵ a page (all pages must be on 8 ½ x11 paper single sided).
Receiving a fax cost a flat rate of 10₵ (no matter how many pages).

Are there rooms for group work or quiet study in the library?
The library offers a variety of seating arrangements, but we do not have study rooms.

Does the library take book donations?
Yes, if we can’t use the books in our collections, we’ll send them to libraries that can use them.
Donated course books, that are being used the next semester, will be put on reserve, otherwise they will be recycled.

Where can I schedule an accommodated test?
The Student Success Center (SSC), which is located in the library, but is not a part of the library, can help you with accommodated tests. To contact them you can call 219-785-5326.You can also stop by and speak with the SSC secretary for scheduling your test and other questions. For more information visit their website at http://www.pnc.edu/ssc/.

What hours are the tutors here?
The Student Success Center can help you with matters relating to tutors. To contact them you can call 219-785-5326.You may also stop by and speak with the secretary for the current tutor schedule. For more information visit their website at http://www.pnc.edu/ssc/tutor/.

Can I speak/set up an appointment with my advisor?
The advisor's secretary is in the Academic Advising hallway (LSF 215).  She would be able to help you with your questions. Her contact information is 219-785-5678.

Can someone help me with my research paper?
We can help you search for materials (books and articles), but format and citation questions can be answered by the staff in the Writing Center. They are located in LSF 211 and you can contact them at 219-785-5202. For more information visit their website http://www.pnc.edu/engl/writingcenter/.

I am not a student/staff/faculty member, may I use your library and check out books?
Any Indiana resident with a valid current driver’s license/state ID that is 18 or older may use the PNC Library. Some restrictions may apply, please ask the library staff for details.