Student Computing Terms of Service

Information Services management created this document to detail what you, the student, can expect from us when you use the non-instructional student computer labs. This document also addresses the resources available to support student computing on campus and what you can expect from the student technical assistants employed by Purdue North Central. This document does not apply to teaching labs and other single discipline computer labs.

We have included information about:

  • The service locations we support
  • The services we provide
  • The services we do not provide
  • What is the student’s responsibility
  • Rules of conduct
  • What to do if you’re not satisfied with our service

Service locations we support
Information Services is responsible for all hardware/software implementation and maintenance as well as service support of student labs. View the Terms of Service document addressing hardware/software support.

Students may use the student computing labs to complete their homework, conduct research, and communicate with faculty and other students. Lab computers are purchased using student technology fees and are for academic purposes. Individual faculty and staff may use these labs if computers are available. These labs are not designed as instructional computer labs.

Tech 265 Students will find computers running the standard academic lab software load. This lab is also equipped with laser printers and a color scanner. Current operating hours of the lab are posted in the lab, around campus, online, and with the campus operator. During posted hours, a technical assistant will be available to assist you.

Tech 164   This is a small, unattended, student computer lab designed to provide students access to networked computers when Tech 265 is not open. The computers in Tech 164 run the standard academic lab software load. It is also equipped with a laser printer. This lab is accessible when the Technology building is open and Tech 265 is closed. Current operating hours of the lab are posted in the lab, around campus, online, and with the campus operator.

Services we provide

Attended lab
The main lab (Tech 265) is staffed by student employees and supervised by a full-time staff member. Student technical assistants are not required to have a specific computer major or background, so levels of computer skills may vary somewhat among technical assistants. Information Services trains student technical assistants in the basic functions of the productivity software, student network accounts, and operating systems used in the labs we support. Student technical assistants are trained in how to launch academic software applications. However, questions above and beyond the basic opening of these programs must be addressed by the Instructor. Student technical assistants are trained to provide the following services:

  • Helping change lost, forgotten, or expired student account passwords. This must be done in person with a picture id. We will not change passwords over the phone or by email.
  • Instructing students how to sign on and logoff the lab computers
  • Explaining the basic campus network services available to students
  • Assisting students in using the basic functions of the operating systems used in the lab
  • Assisting students in using the basic functions of the PNC standard productivity software applications
  • Assisting students in launching academic software applications
  • Assisting students in using the printers and scanner.
  • Providing customized help for disabled students with special needs
  • Refilling paper and toner in printers and resolving paper jams

Unattended lab
Information Services does not provide student technical assistants at these service locations to help you. To request assistance or report a technical problem, you may call the Student Help Desk in the main student computer lab, ext. 5511. The help desk is staffed during regular lab hours. Be aware, however, the student technical assistant may not leave the lab to assist you at another location. If you need to report a problem outside regular lab hours, you may leave a message at the Student Help Desk and we will return your call during regular lab hours. Information Services will provide the following support in the unattended lab:

  • Troubleshoot technical hardware/software/printer problems
  • Restock printer paper
  • Provide access to lab handouts
Services we do not provide Alternative Source
Assisting students in academic subjects Instructor
Assisting students in the use of academic software Instructor
Providing flash drives or other removable media Campus bookstore
Local supply stores

It is the individual student’s responsibility to

  • Keep your password private
  • Logoff computer when finished
  • Save your work often
  • Do your own homework
  • Follow lab’s rules of conduct (see below)

Rules of Conduct

  • Do not bring food or drink into the computer labs.
  • Be quiet and courteous to your fellow students. Treat the labs as if they were libraries.
  • Turn cell phones to vibrate when in the lab.
  • Step outside of the lab if receiving or making a phone call.
  • Supervise your children if you must bring them into the lab and take them out if they are disruptive.
  • Leave work area around computers clean and neat.
  • Computer use, including Internet access, should be for academic and educational purposes and should be used with respect for the sensitivities of others sharing these common facilities.
  • Use recycle bins in each of the labs. Put blank paper in the specially marked containers.
  • Be ready to leave the lab at the posted closing time.
  • Always log off before you leave.
  • Inform the technical assistant of any equipment problems.
  • Do not add personal software or peripheral equipment to lab machines.

What to do if you’re not satisfied with our service
If you have any questions about the services you receive you may choose to speak to someone in authority. Some of the reasons you may wish to elevate the attention of your problem are:

  • The student Technical Assistants were rude
  • The student Technical Assistants were not available during the published normal hours of operation
  • The student Technical Assistants were unable to help with a basic question
  • You did not receive a response from the staff or your request could not be implemented

To elevate your concern, please contact one of the following
David Cadwell, Help Desk Technical Support Supervisor, ext. 5420
Jason Inman, Director of IT User Experience, ext. 5620

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 5511 or submit a trouble ticket online at: services@pnc