Technical Support Terms of Service

The Information Services management created this document to detail what you can expect from our technical support staff. This document addresses support of desktop computers in faculty and staff offices. These terms of service do not apply to computers used for academic purposes, such as research projects or student use. For support of academic computers, see the Multi-discipline Academic Computing Labs Terms of Service document.We have included information about:
  • The services we provide
  • The services we do not provide
  • Information on what you can do to help us help you
  • What to do if you’re not satisfied with the service or result
To request assistance from the technical support staff, contact the Information Services help desk. The help desk is physically located in Tech 265. You can reach the operator by phone at ext. 5511 or via e-mail:

The Information Services help desk hours of operation, as well as work order priority assignment guidance, are contained in the help desk Terms of Service document.

Services we provide
  • Installation and maintenance of hardware and supported software
  • Network connectivity
  • Repair of desktop computers
Services we do not provide Alternative Source.
  • Vendor information on computers
Purchasing, ext. 5238
  • Sales of computer supplies
Bookstore, ext. 5247
  • Repair parts and printer repairs
Purchasing, ext. 5238

Hardware and Network Support
The technicians will maintain covered systems to perform as purchased. The technicians will generally not “upgrade” systems beyond very basic performance improvements (additional memory, replacement hard drive, etc).

Repair Parts Support
If your repair requires parts, the technician will specify what part(s) you need to order. You are then responsible for ordering any parts required to repair your computer. On your purchase requisition, please include the name of the technician who worked on your computer. If there are technical questions on the purchase order, the purchasing agent can then call the technician directly to get the answers. Occasionally Information Services will have spare parts on hand that have come from other campus computers. When available, Information Services will provide these parts free of charge.

Supported Software
This list changes occasionally and is available on the Information Services web page. The technicians will only install software from this list. The Technical Systems section of Information Services may be able to provide support to faculty seeking to test software not on this list. All software must be licensed.


Entry into offices to complete work orders
We prefer to work on your computer when you are present. This ensures you have an opportunity to confirm your problem is corrected. Your presence also provides reassurance our repair did not have an unintended consequence on some other application or service.Occasionally we must enter an office when the caller or occupant is not there. We will do this only when these conditions apply:
  • The caller asked the help desk operator to have the work done in the caller’s absence and gave us the name of the contact person to provide the technician access.
  • The caller, or someone in a position of authority, has given us access to the office to complete a time-sensitive repair or installation.
  • The work requested does not require testing by the caller.

Work order status
You may call the help desk for information on the status of your work order.

Work order tracking
The Information Services technical staff uses a series of 4×6 cards as part of our work order system. Here’s how we track our work.

Blue card. Blue cards are the actual work orders, usually originated by the help desk when you make an initial call. The blue card contains your name, the type of problem you are having, the date and priority of your call, your phone number, and your room number. This card also shows to whom the job was assigned, the person completing the work, the date completed, and the amount of time the technician spends on the repair. The technician will bring your blue card to the site of the job. Once you have tested your computer and are satisfied the work is complete, we ask you to sign the card so we may close out the job.

Gold Card. If you find a gold card on your computer keyboard, it indicates the work on your machine was completed while you were away or after you left. The card will indicate the name of the technician, the name of the person who let the technician in and a brief description of the work done. Please be sure to check that everything runs as it should, sign the card and return it to the Information Services via campus mail.

Red Card. A red card on your keyboard tells you the work on your machine was interrupted due to the emergence of a Priority 1 or 2 call. The red card indicates the technician will return to complete the job as soon as possible. Please consider your computer unusable until the technician returns. Feel free to call the help desk operator for an estimate of when the technician will return.

Questions and concerns
If you have any questions or concerns about the service that you received from the help desk or our technicians, you may choose to speak to someone in authority. Some of the reasons you may wish to elevate the attention of your problem are:
  • Unauthorized work was done on your computer
  • You were not notified when the job was completed or what work was done
  • You feel the need to “vent” at someone in authority
  • A technician did not begin the work on your problem in the time specified in this document
  • The work was not completed or not done properly
  • Follow up was not done or not done correctly

To elevate your call, please contact one of the following:

  • Jason Inman, Director of IT User Experience, ext. 5620

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 5511 or submit a trouble ticket online at: services@pnc