Student Printing

Printing on Campus

Student Technology Fees fund the cost of student printing in the computer labs and classrooms. In order to keep these printing services efficient and cost effective, each PNC student receives a capped allotment of printing units based on the number of courses taken in a given semester. Students with exceptional printing needs, beyond the standard allotment, will be able to purchase additional printing units at a reasonable cost.

Standard Allotment

  • 250 Units per each course taken

Printing Choices

Many of the printers on campus allow the choice of printing “duplex” (printing on both the front and back of a sheet of paper) or single-sided (printing on only a single side of a sheet of paper). It is less expensive, in terms of units used, to choose duplex printing.

Wireless Printing

Students have the option to print wirelessly from their laptops. Refer to the Wireless Printing instructions.

Utilization of Printing Units

Duplex Printing
(print on both sides)
Number of sheets used x 2 = units usedExample:

1 page document = 2 units
2 page document = 2 units

Single-Sided Printing Number of pages printed x 2 = units usedExample:

1 page document = 2 units
2 page document = 4 units

Color Printing (Duplex Printing) Number of page sides printed x 10 = units usedExample:

1 single-sided document = 10 units
1 double-sided document = 20 units

** A dialog box will notify you of the number of units being used after the document has printed.

Purchasing Additional Units

A student’s printer account is managed through Self-Service Banner.

  • Click on the Student Banner tab in the myPNC portal.
  • Under Student Shortcuts, select Purchase Print Units
  • Choose “Add Print Units
  • A message will display noting you had successfully added print units. In addition, a confirmation email will also be sent.
  • 200 Units = $5.00
  • Billed via the Bursar’s Office. The bill must be paid within two weeks or a hold is placed on your student record.
  • Available immediately upon ordering

Courses that are Dropped

  • If a student drops a course within the first week of the semester, the print units for that course will also be dropped.
  • If a student drops a course the second week or later of the semester, the print units for that course will not be dropped.


  • Unused units (including units that have been purchased) will automatically rollover from Fall to Spring and from Spring to Summer semesters
  • Prior to the Fall semester, all allotments will be reset.
  • We do not reimburse for any unused units (including units that have been purchased).

Refund of Units

  • If you have selected a printer in error, printed a document multiple times in error or tried to cancel a print job that you did not want printed, and then proceed to request reimbursement of print units, this will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Units will not be refunded due to user error. Units will only be refunded if a printer has malfunctioned, produced poor quality print jobs or due to printer downtime.

Faculty Use

  • Both full time and part time faculty are allocated 1000 print units for the academic year to use for class demonstration purposes. The units may be used to print in any of the labs.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 5511 or submit a trouble ticket online at: services@pnc