Internet Resource Utilization Policy

As part of its mission, Purdue University North Central (PNC) makes facilities available for faculty, staff and students to access the informational resources of the Internet. This Administrative Memorandum establishes the guidelines that will govern the development and use of Internet resources on the Purdue University North Central Campus. It addresses both the use of imported material and the dissemination (exportation) of material via the Purdue University North Central Campus network. This policy is intended to apply to all communication protocols utilized with Internet communications. This includes Hypertext Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP); File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and other protocols not mentioned and those developed while this Administrative Memorandum is in effect. Those individuals who distribute information that contains active elements such as Java or ActiveX must observe special care. Such programs must not be purposefully designed to interfere with data residing on receiving computers.

This document addresses the major issues involving shared usage of resources appropriate in an educational institution, and establishes guidelines governing receipt and distribution of electronic information through PNC’s facilities. Furthermore, this policy outlines the responsibilities of individuals and groups affiliated with the University who publish on the Internet and delimits the University’s responsibilities for information published using PU/NC’s server(s). For the purposes of this policy, any user who creates a document of any type and installs it on PU/NC’s server(s) is considered to have published that document.

It is not the intent of this policy to either prescribe or proscribe all possible uses of the Internet. Rather, it is to provide guidelines to avoid situations that might result in complaints leading to possible review, supervision, or loss of Internet privileges.

This policy applies to all users of Internet resources and facilities at the Purdue University North Central Campus. Throughout the remainder of this Administrative Memorandum, specific reference is made to the World Wide Web (WWW). The same principles will apply to any other set of electronic data received from or transmitted through the Internet.

General Guidelines on Published Information Content
Throughout the World Wide Web (WWW), information is made available in collections of electronic data called pages. Pages are usually organized in sets of individual pages that are linked together. The base page of a set of linked pages is commonly referred to as a “home page.” Pages are stored and maintained on network-connected computers called WWW servers.

WWW pages constitute a form of electronic publication subject to the policies and guidelines governing electronic media. In general, Purdue University policies and regulations that apply to the content of publications and communications apply to contents of WWW pages published using PU/NC’s WWW server(s). In particular, all information included in WWW pages on PU/NC’s WWW server(s) must:

  • Comply with all laws governing copyrights, intellectual property, libel, and privacy;
  • Not violate policies, rules or regulations of Purdue University;
  • Not be used for non-Purdue commercial activities. For the purposes of this policy, activities such as publishing textbooks and other academic works are considered to be Purdue activities.

Electronic publication of textbooks and academic works is considered part of the normal activities of the University and is permitted and highly encouraged. For purposes of publication, a distinction is made between official University WWW pages and WWW pages of individuals. Official pages represent the University, its policies and its views to the public. As such, official University WWW pages are subject to more stringent constraints and review of content than the unofficial WWW pages published by individuals with WWW access privileges at the University. However, both types of pages are subject to certain format restrictions and certain expectations regarding content. Public trust in the integrity of a university mandates that data and WWW pages are accurate, truthful, thoughtfully presented, and current.

Copyrights must be observed and respected and individual commentary should follow the standards expected of anyone representing an educational institution.

All WWW publications must contain the date of last revision, the individual or academic unit or administrative unit responsible for creation of the WWW page, and the email address of the individual responsible for maintaining the WWW page.

Material published on the Purdue University North Central server(s) is expected to reflect an academic or educational purpose, viewed in its fullest extent as any aspect of the University’s social, cultural, research, educational and ethical behavior. Material that violates licensing, contractual, legal, or university regulations or policy will not be tolerated.

Official Pages Published by the University
Official WWW pages are published by the University itself, an academic unit or department, or an official administrative unit of the University. Official University WWW pages shall be considered University publications. They are the responsibility of the appropriate individual administrative unit and must conform to University standards. These are subject to the publication standards of the Purdue University Office of Publications and the PU/NC Office of Campus Relations.

The Office of Campus Relations shall develop publication standards and review procedures for official PU/NC WWW pages and shall develop and maintain the official PU/NC WWW home page(s).

Individual academic and administrative units may develop official university WWW pages and associated official home page(s) and install them on PU/NC WWW server(s). These pages may include links to WWW pages that are not official university pages. Individual administrative and academic units have discretion to create, design, and organize their pages provided these pages fall within the general guidelines of this document and those of the PU/NC Office of Campus Relations.

In addition to the General Guidelines on Information Content listed above, all official PU/NC WWW publications must include either a PU/NC logo or the full name, “Purdue University North Central” and either of which will be linked back to the PU/NC main page.

Each administrative and academic unit of PU/NC publishing WWW pages will designate a contact person who will be responsible for updating, deleting, and creating WWW information.

WWW Pages Published by Faculty, Staff and Students
To the extent that resources allow, faculty, staff and students may create WWW pages as extension of their academic, educational, or administrative activities, and install them on PU/NC WWW server(s). The content of these pages must comply with the General Guidelines on Published Information Content, stated in this policy.

Individuals’ WWW pages are not University publications and the contents of these pages do not necessarily represent the views of the University.

Student Organization WWW Pages
Recognized student organizations may create WWW pages and install them on PU/NC WWW server(s). After verification by a designated member of the Office of the Dean of Students that the student organization is active and officially recognized by the University, a link may be created from an official PU/NC WWW page to the student organization’s home page.

Student organization WWW pages are not PU/NC publications and their contents do not necessarily represent the University’s views.

Student organization WWW pages must conform to the same General Guidelines on Published Information Content as stated in this policy.

Terms and Conditions of Use
Any person who uses the Internet facilities at Purdue University North Central consents to all of the provisions of this policy and agrees to comply with all of its terms and conditions and with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

There are several principles that may be generally applied to the use of the Internet resources at PU/NC. The physical arrangement and shared nature of many WWW facilities dictates:

  1. That academic usage takes precedence over non-academic usage.
  2. That Internet access should be for academic and educational purposes and should be used with respect for the sensitivities of others sharing these common facilities.
  3. That open and unrestricted access to information is essential to academic inquiry and is both a right and a responsibility of Internet users at Purdue University North Central.

Any user of the WWW whose actions involving the WWW violate this policy, or any other Purdue University policy or regulation, may be subject to limitations or elimination of WWW privileges as well as other disciplinary actions.

Violations of this policy shall subject users to the regular disciplinary processes and procedures of the University, in accordance with University Regulations, the Student Handbook, and the Faculty Handbook. Illegal acts involving use of the WWW may also subject violators to prosecution by local, state, and/or federal authorities, and those acts will be reported to the University Police.

The Chancellor shall be responsible for implementing and administering this policy on the Purdue University North Central Campus. The Chancellor may delegate appropriate administrative responsibilities associated with this policy to various individuals or committees.

To assist the Chancellor in ensuring that appropriate Internet usage is available on this campus, an Internet Policy Committee will be established. The composition and responsibilities of this committee are established in Administrative Memorandum No. 5-98 or as revised or superceded by future administrative actions.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 5511 or submit a trouble ticket online at: services@pnc