Electronic Mail System Policy

1. Introduction

  • This policy applies to all members of the University community and refers to all electronic mail resources at the University.
  • Individual departments and administrative units may define additional “conditions of use” for electronic mail facilities under their supervision. Any such additional conditions must be consistent with this overall policy but may include more detailed guidelines and, where necessary and appropriate, additional restrictions.
  • Any person who uses the University mail facilities consents to all of the provisions of this policy and agrees to comply with all of its terms and conditions and with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Any user of the electronic mail system whose actions involving electronic mail violate this policy, or any other University policy or regulation, may be subject to limitations or elimination of electronic mail privileges as well as other disciplinary actions.

2. Access

  • It is the University’s intent to provide basic, network-connected electronic mail facilities for the on-campus use of all faculty, students, and appropriate staff. It is also the University’s intent to provide a communications link between the on-campus electronic mail system and the mail systems that operate on the national and international data networks.
  • In the future, it may be necessary to recover some or all costs of providing these facilities from schools, administrative units, or individuals, in the form of usage charges.

3. Proper Use

  • The University provides electronic mail facilities to support its instructional, research, and service activities and associated administrative functions. Any use of the facilities that interferes with these activities and functions or does not respect the image and reputation of Purdue University is improper.
  • In general, policies and regulations that apply to other forms of communication at the University also apply to electronic mail.
  • In addition, the following specific actions and use of electronic mail are improper:
    • Concealment or misrepresentation of names or affiliations in electronic mail messages.
    • Alteration of source or destination address of electronic mail.
    • Use of electronic mail facilities for commercial or private business purposes.
    • Use of electronic mail which unreasonably interferes with or threatens other individuals.
    • Use of electronic mail that degrades or demeans other individuals.

4. Privacy

The University is not a publisher of the material which becomes the subject of electronic mail messages and it cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of any electronic mail message or document. While University electronic mail administrators will not monitor the contents of electronic mail messages as a routine procedure, the University does reserve the right to inspect, copy, store, and disclose the contents of electronic mail messages at any time. However, it will do so only when it believes it is appropriate to prevent or correct improper use, satisfy a legal obligation, or insure proper operation of the electronic mail facilities. Any electronic mail administrator who believes such actions are necessary must first obtain the approval of an appropriate administrative authority: a Dean in the case of an academic unit, or a Director in the case of an administrative unit.

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